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Date July 23, 2016:-  BSNL Bounces back to Post Profits--More to be done-------VAN Namboodiri

Date October 19, 2016:- BSNL offers to prepare cheaper than Jio-----Economic Times

Date 21st December, 2016:- Formation of Subsidiary Tower Company---Nefarious act by Govt. to fragment BSNL--- P Abhimanyu




UPDATED ON 22-02-2018 AT 1830 HRS.

Workers from all over the country started to assemble at Delhi  to take part in the historic "March to Sanchar Bhavan" programme: Workers from all over the country started to assemble at Delhi from today to take part in the historic "March to Sanchar Bhavan" programme, which will be held tomorrow, the 23rd February, 2018 at the call of All Unions And Associations of BSNL . The rally will  start from Eastern Court at 11 AM. Our comrades from West Bengal Circle have reached today to take part in the programme. The workers will give a befitting answer to Modi Government against the formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company. The workers will demand to  start immediately the process of the 3rd PRC in BSNL. They will also demand to stop the decision to reduce the retirement age to 58 years. BSNL Employees Union, West Bengal Circle conveys its warm greeting to all the participants in the historic programme.

The most awaited meeting with CLC and BSNLCCWF held today at New Delhi : The most awaited meeting with Chief Labour Commissioner and BSNLCCWF held today at New Delhi. Secretary General, BSNLCCWF Com. Animesh Mitra and General Secretary, BSNLEU Com. P. Abhimanyu were present in the meeting. The officers from BSNL were also present. The meeting was held in regard to the strike notice served for the strike on 12 &13th December, 2017 by the BSNL Casual and Contractual Workers Federation. So far the news received by the circle union the meeting was successful.  

UPDATED ON 21-02-2018 AT 1930 HRS.

The non-regular workers of Kolkata SSA assembled at GM office, CTO building to get their just demands : Today at the call of BSNLCMU, Kolkata district assembled at GM office, CTO building at a "Dharna Programme" in protest against their non-settlement of long pending issues. Issues like minimum wage of Rs18000/-, Wage in a fixed date of every month, introduction social security like DCRG etc. and to roll back the decision of reduction in the strength of manpower. A good number of non-regular workers gathered at CTO building. Com. Goutam Das, District Secretary, BSNLCMU, Kolkata District initiated the proceedings. Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, BSNLCMU, WB narrated in brief the present scenario in BSNL, the struggle of the Casual/Contact labourers and also negotiation with the management along with BSNLEU. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt., Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, WB reminded about the threat before the workers and appealed them for united struggle. Com. Manik Lal Sarkar, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Kolkata SSA also deliberated his speech. Com. Kalyan Raha presided over the meeting. <photos> 

UPDATED ON 20-02-2018 AT 2015 HRS.

Today the working class gave a strong warning to the Modi Government against its anti-people policy : Today the working class gave a strong warning against the anti-people policy and conspiracy to sale out the Public sector including BSNL by the Modi Government through 'Aine Amanya" programme held through out the state. Today massive gathering held at the call of All Central Trade Union, Federation, BSNL and 12th July Committee. In all the district the BSNL employees gathered in good numbers at district head quarters where this programme was held. In Kolkata, BSNL employees lead by BSNL Employees Union gathered at Victoria house with fag and festoons and placard displaying posters to roll back the decision of Tower company and to save BSNL. A huge rally held from Victoria house to Rani Rashmoni Avenue where a short meeting was held. Hundreds of workers got arrested by the police for their violation of rule at Rani Rashmoni Avenue. So far the news received by the circle union that such programme was held at Asansol, Burdwan, Durgapur, Kharagpur, Suri, Krishnagar, Malda etc. <<Click for Photos>>

UPDATED ON 19-02-2018 AT 2030 HRS.

Successful Branch Conference of BSNLEU, CTTC held : Branch conference of CTTC branch held on 16th February, 2018 at the TRC of CTTC. Members were jubilant in connection with this conference. The Red flag of our union was hoisted by Branch president Com. Kanai Banerjee. The martyrs column was garlanded by Branch president along with other leaders of our union to pay respect to the martyrs. Com. Arun Nag, branch secretary placed the draft report and accounts before the house for discussion. Com. Nazes Nauroz, President BSNLEU, WB, Com. Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU, WB, Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secy., BSNLEU, WB and Com. Banani Chattopadhyay, VP, BSNLEU, WB were present. Members who attended the conference were very much eager to hear from their beloved circle secretary Com. Animesh Mitra. Circle secretary in his speech narrated briefly about the present political situation and the present scenario prevailing in BSNL. He urged upon the members to be united and fight for the cause of the workers. Com. Nazes Nauroz, Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay and Com. Banani Chattopadhyay addressed the house in brief. After discussion the draft report along the accounts was accepted by the house unanimously. Com. Kanai Banerjee, Com. Ashok Bhttacharjee and Con. Arindam Acharya was elected President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively unanimously. After the conference a rally was organized in CTTC campus to roll back FRDI bill and signature campaign was organized in this regard. Circle union congratulates the newly elected CTTC branch committee. <<Photos>> 

Branch conference of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Haldia Branch ended with determination to save BSNL : A small branch like Haldia held their joint branch conference with enthusiasm on 17th February, 2018. The conference arena was decorated with flags and festoons. Before the conference the Red flag of our union was hoisted and martyrs column was garlanded to pay respect to the martyrs. Com. Rakibur Rahaman, Joint Convener 12th July Committee, Haldia inaugurated the conference. Com. Nazes Nauroz President Circle union attended the conference on behalf of circle union. The draft report and accounts was placed before the house for discussion. Com Nazes Nauroz in his speech described the present situation in BSNL as well as the political situation prevailing in our country and our task ahead. the members in their speech was determined to save BSNL. The members in their speech were determined to save BSNL. After discussion the report and the accounts was accepted by the house unanimously. BSNLCMU members were discussed their burning issues in their conference. Com Sanjib Debnath DS BSNLCMU Kharagpur, Com. Amalesh Pradhan, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB and Pankaj Jana, DS BSNLEU Kharagpur were also present.  Com. Bimal Bera, Com. Tapas Adak and Com. Abhra Roy was elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer of BSNLEU Haldia Branch respectively unanimously. Similarly Com Ashoke Mondal, Swapan Das and Alokesh Mondal were elected President, Secretary, Treasurer BSNLCMU Haldia Branch. Circle Union congratulates the newly elected Haldia branch committees of both BSNLEU & BSNLCMU. <<Photos>>

Condolence Meeting of our departed leader Com Narsing Paswan held with proper respect at Purulia: The BSNLEU Purulia District has organized a condolence meeting to commemorate the departed District President Com Narsingh Paswan who died suddenly due to massive Cardiac failure on 3rd January, 2018. A good number of employees turned up to pay respect to Com Paswan who will ever be remembered for his simplicity and organizational ability. He retired few months ago. In his service despite his organizational activities he was very careful to dispose of his duties. Com Subrata Mishra, ACS BSNLEU WB, Com Tapan Ghosh, President BSNLCMU WB, Com Sachin Deb Barman, Dist. Secy. BSNLEU Purulia, Com Dhruba Singh, Veteran Leader of BSNL, Com Laxmikanta Bag and other leaders spoke on the occasion and narrated the role of this departed leader to built up the organization and to keep our Red Flag high throughout his life. The speakers told their organizational experience to work with Com Paswan. Com Paswan will always be remembered for his relentless struggling attitude to get just demands of the employees in the coming days. <<Photos>>

Jalpaiguri BSNLCMU will not tolerate non payment of wages further: On 16th February, 2018 a meeting of the BSNLCMU Jalpaiguri was held where the leaders told in details regarding the present attack on Casual/Contractual/Security Guards by the BSNL Management. The leaders told the house in details regarding the negative attitude of the Management as well as 'Modi Government' who are  not sanctioning the monthly wages in time more over they are trying to reduce the strength of the Non regular workers which cannot be tolerated. Com Bikas Saha DS BSNLCMU, Asoke Roy, Leader BSNLCMU WB Com S. C. Chanda Roy, DS BSNLEU Jalpaiguri, Com R. Sarkar, President BSNLEU Jalpaiguri and Com Prabir Ghosh, AIBDPA Jalpaiguri were present in the meeting. 




UPDATED ON 16-02-2018 AT 1915 HRS.

Fight against the Anti People Black FRDI bill tooth and nail : Dear comrades you are all aware of the fact that the Central Govt. has tabled the FRDI bill which will hush up last farthing of the middle class and the poor which they deposited day after in the bank as their last resource. On the contrary the Central Govt. has taken the decision to wright off the debt of the big corporate house. As a result State  Bank of India has faced a loss in the last quarter that ended on December, 2017. Very recently  a big scam ever in the banking sector took place in our country which came to the media. PNB has been looted a sum of eleven thousand corer of rupees by Nirab Modi. But our PM kept mum on this issue. BSNLEU circle union has taken the decision to protest against this anti people black bill FRDI and to get the signatures of the mass through signature campaign amongst the general people to roll back this black bill which will be sent to Hon'ble Speaker Loksabha. Accordingly distinct secretaries are requested to organize our workers in every offices and exchanges and conduct gate meetings along with signature campaign from the general people. Take the issue seriously and conduct the programme in the next week. Today at the North gate of CTO building signature campaign was conducted jointly by Kokata Engineering Branch, TCO District and CTO Branch. Comrades went to the passers by in the street of Dalhousie square to get the signatures of the general people. It is significant to note that good response got from the general people. The programme was initiated through slogans and gate meeting. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. General Secretary spoke in the gate meeting.  <Photos>

UPDATED ON 15-02-2018 AT 1940 HRS.

Deep anguish & anger developed for Non payment of wages of Contractual workers-- Circle Union reacts: Due to non payment of wages the contractual workers and security guards of this circle are suffering a lot. The situation turns really grave. Without getting wage the workers are not in a mood to perform their duties. As a whole this will definitely affect service as well as revenue earning at the flag end of this financial year.  To resolve the issue of non payment since last couple of days both the Circle union and CHQ trying relentlessly to make payment of wages of the contractual workers. On 7th February the Circle Union under the leadership of Com Animesh Mitra, CS met CGM with the demand for early payment, on 9th February our General Secretary Com P. Abhimanyu met Director (Finance) at New Delhi, again on 15th February Com Abhimanyu met GM (BFCI) with the same demand to release fund for the payment of wages. The Management could not make payment moreover on the plea of loss of Revenue and imposition of taking Bank Loan by DOT, they are trying to reduce the number of Contractual workers and Security guards working in BSNL at present. Therefore comrades the situation is easily understandable and we have to react sharply against the anti worker thoughts of our management. If the payment of wage could not be materliase within Saturday (i.e. 17/02/2018) then Circle Union will organize "Mass Dharna" programme in front of the chamber of GM (HR) & GM (Finance) on 21st February, 2018 at Kolkata. The District Unions are also requested to organize similar programme in the GM/TDM Offices.

Massive response in "March to TDM Office" programme at Suri : March to TDM office programme was organized by BSNLEU, BSNLCMU and AIBDPA  Suri District jointly to protest against the indifferent attitude of the Suri administration to resolve the burning issues of the employees, regular & no-regular and pensioners and at the same time for the improvement of the BSNL service. More than 300 employees and pensioners march to the Suri TDM office from Suri Telephone exchange. A meeting was held at TDM office where main speaker was Com. Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU and Secretary General BSNLCCWF. He explained the attitude of the administration of BSNL in regard to resolve the burning problems of the both regular and non-regular employees and also the pensioners. He described about the poor service of BSNL where we could play a vital role for the development. But the management is least interested in this regard. Com. Subrata Chakraborty, Leader SNEA, Com. Nikhil Das, Leader AIBSNLEA, Com. Nazes Nauroz, President BSNLEU and Vice-president BSNLCMU also deliberated their speech. At the end of the meeting a memorandum was submitted to TDM.< Photographs>

UPDATED ON 14-02-2018 AT 1320 HRS.

Some Question & Answer regarding anti-people & anti-poor Black FRDI bill in Bengali : << View>>

UPDATED ON 13-02-2018 AT 2000 HRS.

BSNL Employees Union met Director (finance) to release fund for contractual labourers : BSNLEU and BSNLCMU West Bengal circle are jointly fighting to get fund for the wage of the contract labourers. The contract labourers are not getting their wage for the last two months. The case was also pursued by CHQ. Accordingly Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU met Director (Finance) and urged upon him to release fund early for the contract labourers/ security guards for WB circle. In reply Director (Finance) informed GS that the fund will be released by this week. 

Make the programme of " Aine Amanya -O- Jail Bhoro" a historic one : As per the call of all Central traded unions, Federation, Bank, Insurance, BSNL, Defense and 12th July Committee a programee of "Aine Amanya -O- Jail Bhoro programme to be held on 20th February, 2018 will be held at Victoria House, Esplanade at Kolkata. The same programme will be held at all District head quarters. All our district and branch secretaries as well as organizers are requested to organize our members to take part in this programme. Make the programme a historic one.<View Campaign Material>



Eminent Trade Union Leader, former General Secretary CITU Com. Md. Amin is no more: Com Md. Amin, the former CITU Secretary breathed his last at Kolkata yesterday. Com Amin was 89 years. He was Minister in the Left Front Government of West Bengal and twice elected as MP of Rajyasabha. He was very close to BSNL Employees Union and guided the movement of BSNL workers in number of occasions. Today BSNLEU leaders Com Animesh Mitra, VP CHQ, Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS WB Circle and Banani Chattopadhyay, Jt. Convenor BSNLWWCC paid floral homage to this great leader of working class. Circle Union conveys heartfelt condolences to his family.          


UPDATED ON 09-02-2018 AT 2035 HRS.

CGM on tour to North Bengal--BSNLEU met on Development issue: The BSNLEU met CGMT WB Circle both at Siliguri and Coochbehar, who is on tour at North Bengal Districts at present. The leaders of both BSNLEU Siliguri and Coochbehar Districts discussed the issues of poor Development, Marketing, Maintenance issues of BSNL North Bengal in detail with the CGMT and expressed their strong resentments. The leaders also raised the issue of non availability of "Repair & Maintenance Fund" for which the day to day maintenance work of BSNL hampers a lot. The leaders of BSNLEU also told CGM that the they are ready to take any challenge to make the service of BSNL turn around. But the leaders demanded peaceful working atmosphere in the BSNL Office/Exchange. The incident of physical harassments of Coochbehar was highlighted before CGMT WB. The CGM gave a patient hearing and appreciated the leaders for their positive gesture to take the challenge to work hard for BSNL in the coming days. At the same time the CGM assured that any untoward incident should directly be brought to the notice of Authority at once and the authority will take appropriate action against the culprits. Com Badal Ghosh, DS Siliguri and Krishna Mitra, DS Coochbehar along with other District leaders were present during the meeting with CGMT.       

Tireless effort of Circle Union came to reality---Result of TM examination announced: In the recent past Circle Union was pressurizing the Management to declare the result of the TM Examination for the vacancy year 2016 held on August 2017.  Ultimately the Authority compelled to bow down and much awaited result declared. The Management also announced the vacancy position available in different SSAs. Circle Union conveys heartfelt greetings to all the successful candidates. <<Click for Result>>   <<Click for Vacancy position>>


UPDATED ON 08-02-2018 AT 2000 HRS.

Photos of the "Protest Day" programme in West Bengal Circle: <<Click>>

UPDATED ON 07-02-2018 AT 1930 HRS.

Countrywide "Protest Day" programme observed with all seriousness in West Bengal Circle: At the call of BSNLCCWF the "Protest Day" programme  is observed with huge participation of Casual/Contractual/Security Guards almost in all the SSAs of West Bengal Circle. The members of BSNLEU WB Circle also extended full solidarity and support in this programme in all the places. The leaders have expressed their resentment and anger against the  reluctant attitude of the Management to settle the demands. Specially the issues of non payment of monthly wage, gratuity issue, 18000/- monthly wage for the non regular workers etc. pertain to non regulars and other HR issues of the Regular and retired employees were highlighted. At Kolkata the programme were centrally organised in frong of the chamber of CGMT WB where Com Animesh Mitra, Secy. General BSNLCCWF & CS BSNLEU WB, Tapas Ghosh, CS BSNLCMU WB, Akhilesh Banerjee, VP BSNLCCWF alongwith the leaders of BSNLEU and BSNLCMU delibereated their speeches. A delegation met CGMT during the demonstration programme and demanded immediate Payment of Wages, settlement of long pending problems. CGM WB has assured the leaders that the issues will be looked into seriously. The PGM (Finance) and GM (HR) were also present in the discussion. Com Nazes Nauroz, President BSNLEU & VP BSNLCMU WB presided over the programme at CGMT Office,  CTO Kolkata. The  programe was observed effectively in the Offices/Exchanges of Asansol, Bankura, Purulia, Suri, Nalhati, Berhampore, Coochbehar, Jalpaiguri, ETR, Durgapur, Kharagpur, Malda, Katwa, Guskara.


UPDATED ON 06-02-2018 AT 1845 HRS.

Situation is grave, Revenue decreased remarkably, Management wants to shift responsibilities --BSNLEU won't tolerate: It is really a matter of serious concern that the Revenue income of this Circle has been decreased to the tune of Rs. 100 Crore i.e. 30% as on 31st December '2017.  Number of officers are applying for transfer from this Circle. The top management of this Circle is totally reluctant to take appropriate steps to make the Circle turn around. The executive and non executive employees are being deprived of their legitimate demands. The inefficient Management fails to settle the cases like Compassionate Appointments, declaration of result of TM examination after 6 months for 30 candidates, settlement of transfer cases, timely payment of wages in r/o Casual/Contractual workers, payment of Rs. 18000/- salary for the Casual/Contractual employees etc.The issues of settlement of Medical cases, payments of without voucher cases in r/o Pensioners are also being deprived. Now the Circle Management wants to shift the responsibility to the workers. BSNLEU can not allow this heinous and harmful act of the Circle Management and decided to organise Trade Union action on 7th February '2017 before the chamber of all the GM/TDM throughout the Circle. The BSNLCCWF has also given a call to observe All India Protest Day on 7/2/2018. AIBDPA has also extended full support to our programme. In Kolkata the programme will be held at 1 P.M. before the chamber of CGM, "CTO Building", Kolkata. Comrades, organise a powerful demonstration with maximum participation of employees on 7/2/2018 to give a befitting answer to the Management. We will not bear the responsibilities of those crisis which arose due to mismanagement and wrong policies of the Authority as well as the Government.        


UPDATED ON 03-02-2018 AT 2000 HRS.

5 Days 'Satyagraha' ended with a zeal to intensify the struggle further: Employees and Officers are being denied of Wage Revision from 01/01/2017, the Pensioners are not getting revised Pension w.e.f. 01/01/2017 on the other hand the Government is trying to weaken BSNL to form a separate "Subsidiary Tower Company". The executives, non executives and Pensioners will not tolerate these any more. Therefore at the end of the 5 days 'Satyagraha' Programme the employees of BSNL WBT Circle expressed their strong anger and urged to go for more intensified Trade Union action against these heinous attacks. At Kolkata, before the chamber of CGMT WB, Com Animesh Mitra, Convenor Forum & CS BSNLEU WB along with the leaders of the Unions and Associations called upon the executives and non executives to strengthen unity and go ahead 'Tooth & Nail' to achieve our target. Com Aniruddha Bose(AIBSNLEA), Tapas Ghosh (SNEA), Pradip Roy (SNEA), Samir Banerjee (NFTE) and Amitava Chattopadhyay (BSNLEU) also enriched the gathering with their valuable deliberations. Comrades, let's prepare and join "March to Sanchar Bhawan" programme on 23rd February in good number. <<Photos>>

Union Budget 2018----threat continues: The Union Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2018. It is really a new threat for the working class of our country. During presentation Mr. Jaitley announced that the Central Government has increased the target for 'disinvestment' of PSUs further for this Financial year. In the last year the target was 80000 Crore and the Government achieved the target. This year the target for disinvestment of PSUs has been increased to 1,00,000 Crore. Already the Modi Goverment gave 'in principal approval' to disinvest 24 CPSEs including Air India, HPCL, etc. The Finance Minister further declared that three Public Sector Insurance companies e. Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., National Insurance Co. Ltd, and United India Insurance company Ltd. will be merged into a single insurance company and listed in the coming days. Therefore Comrades be united and fight against these attacks on the working class of our country as a whole, join the struggle to ensure our stability and entity.


UPDATED ON 01-02-2018 AT 1915 HRS.

Employees are joining en masse in 'Satyagraha' programme, roars against the derogative attitude of the  "Modi Government": On the third day of the five days countrywide programme of 'Satyagraha' the executives and non executives of BSNL WB Circle participated and raised their resentments against the policies of the Government. The leaders highlighted the issues in favour of the most significant demand of Wage Revision and Pension Revision for the entire BSNL employees w.e.f. 01/01/2017. They have also elaborately described how the Government is trying to weaken BSNL by forming "Subsidiary Tower Company". The speakers also narrated the hidden factor of the Management to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58 or VRS. A good gathering took place before the chamber of CGMT WB today where Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU, Com Samir Banerjee, leader NFTE, Com Tapas Ghosh, CS SNEA, Com Kalyan Halder, President AIBSNLEA, Com Partha Das, CS SEWA, Com Gouri shankar, leader SNATTA, Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU and Com Nazes Nauroz, President BSNLEU spoke before the agitating employees. Circle Union also got the information that the programme is going on with all seriouness throughout the Circle on third day and the leaders of the Unions and associations expressed their views and resentments in their speeches.  <<Photos>>  


UPDATED ON 31-01-2018 AT 2015 HRS.

'Satyagraha' programme continues with all seriousness: The 'Satyagraha' programme continues with firm determination and involvement of the employees on the second day also in all the parts of West Bengal Circle. Circle Union has already contacted the leaders of the constituent allies like SNEA, AIBSNLEA, NFTE, FNTO, SEWA, SNATTA throughout the Circle and the leaders are deliberating their speeches in 'Satyagraha' programme. So far the information came to the Circle Union that the SSAs like Gangtok, Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Coochbehar, Suri, Berhampore, Krishnagar, Kharagpur, Kolkata, Bankura, Purlia, Asansol, Durgapur and Burdwan are observing the programme with active participation of the employees. The programme is also organised before the chambers of  CGMT WB, ETR & ETP Circles. Comrades, let us strengthen our unity to fight against the injustice and proceed further to achieve our demands.  <<Click for Photos>>       


UPDATED ON 30-01-2018 AT 1935 HRS.

'Satyagraha' started with determination to achieve the target: At the call of Unions & Associations of BSNL the five days 'Satyagraha' Programme started today with huge participation of the employees. The programme took place in all the SSAs of WB Circle. In Kolkata the programme was held before the chambers of CGMT West Bengal, CGM ETR & CGM ETP. Leaders of the Unions & Associations elaborately described the present situation and the necessity of organising the programme to the employees. The "Indefinite Work according to Rule" programme also started today. The employees are participating in the programme with lot of enthusiasm. <<Click>>


UPDATED ON 29-01-2018 AT 1900 HRS.

Organise 'Satyagraha' programme  from tomorrow with all seriousness: As it is decided by the leaders of the unions & associations of BSNL the countrywide 'Satyagraha' programme in BSNL office/exchange will start from tomorrow to get our wage revision and pension revision from 01/01/2017, to resolve the unsettled issues of 2nd wage revision, against the formation of seperate "subsidiary tower company" with BSNL towers, against the reduction of age of retirement from 60 to 58 and VRS. The situation is critical without serious and sustained struggle we cannot achieve our goal. Therefore let us fight for justice, organise the programme seriously from 30th January, 2018 at Branch/District/Circle level in a united way. The derogative decisions of the Government can only be defeated with united movement. Let us include a new chapter in the history of Trade Union movement with our unity.  

Asansol East Branch conference held effectively: The 10th Branch conference of Asansol East Branch was held yesterday at "Com Prioyotosh Ray Mancxha",  'Godhuli' Telephone exchange Asansol. After hoisting of Red Flag and paying homage to the martyrs the conference was inaugurated by Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU WB. Com Chattopadhyay in his speech narrated the present scenario and the duties and responsibilities of the employees. Com Subhas Bose, Br. Secy Asansol East placed a draft report in the conference and Com Sasthidas Mukherjee, Branch Treasurer submitted the Accounts.  Com Goutam Ghosh, Bidyut Roy, Badal Rudra Pal, Pradip Roy, Ajit Mondal and others discussed on the report. Com Soumen Bhattacharya, BS Raniganj, Netai Mann ADS, Ramadhar Singh ADS, also spoke on the occasion. Com Pradip Malkhandy, DS BSNLCMU, Com Tapan Ghosh, President BSNLCMU WB and Com Mridulkanti Chatterjee, DS AIBDPA Asansol greeted the conference. Com Subrata Mishra, DS Asaansol and ACS BSNLEU WB spoke on the present situation and the ensuing programme in detail. In fine the house unanimously elected Com Goutam Ghosh, Ramadhar Singh and Sasthidas Mukherjee as President, Branch Secretary and Treasurer for the next term. <<Click for Photos>>

Agitations going on throughout the Circle for Payment of wage to the Non Regular workers: The Contractual workers, Security Guards attached to this Circle did not get their wages till date. The CO New Delhi not even sanctioned fund in the "Repair-Maintenance" Head  for which the workers attached to Day to Day work are not getting their wages. As a whole the situation is so grave that the BSNLEU & BSNLCMU jointly have gone to strong protest demonstration programmer to change the scenario and immediate payment of monthly wages. In Kolkata the central demonstration was held before the chamber of CGM WB demanding immediate payment of wage. It is learnt that since last couple of days agitational programme are being organized in different SSAs like Jalpaiguri, Suri, Berhampore, Kolkata, Malda, Asansol.     

BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Asansol District organised Blood Donation camp magnificently: A marvelous Blood Donation camp was organized jointly by BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Asansol District on 27th January, 2018 at Telephone Exchange, Asansol. The camp started after garlanding the statue of Com K.G Bose. Altogether 42 employees donated their blood. Significantly It is really inspiring that Com Netai Mann, ADS Asansol along with his wife and young daughter also donated blood. Com Subrata Mishra, DS BSNLEU, Pradip Malkhandy, DS BSNLCMU alongwith their members made the Camp a very effective one. 


UPDATED ON 25-01-2018 AT 1930 HRS.

All Unions and Associations met CGMT, West Bengal: Leaders of all Unions and Associations met CGMT, West Bengal Circle yesterday, on 23rd January, 2018 and discussed the issue of less revenue earnings of our circle with utter anxiety. This month the revenue earnings is about 60% less than the previous month. Convener Com. Animesh Mitra discussed elaborately with the CGMT and gave some suggestions to overcome this situation. He also stressed upon the frustration of the field workers particularly the Casual and Contract labourers who are yet to get their wages due to acute crisis of fund of the corporate office. All the leaders present drew the attention of CGMT in r/o downfall of SIM selling. On reply the CGMT said that the the administration are keeping in touch with the corporate office for fund and at the same time the Marketing division of our circle has been asked to take initiative in all the SSAs. He also requested the leadership to motivate our workers in the field for the month of February and March, 2018. The leadership assured CGMT in this regard.     

UPDATED ON 23-01-2018 AT 1945 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circular No. 01/2018: <<Click Here>>

Contractual Workers, Security Guards are not getting wages-----organize massive Demonstration: It became a regular feature since last couple of months that the Non regular workers are not being paid their wages in time months together. It became a regular feature that Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU & SG BSNLCCWF has to move to Corporate Office New Delhi to pressurize for early release of Fund from the management. However the overall experience is bitter. In this month also the Contractual Workers, Security Guards are not being paid their monthly wages and the fund for Repair-Maintenance has not been allotted by Corporate Office. Comrades we should not tolerate this anymore. Therefore if the situation remains unaltered till end of this week, organize demonstration programme in front the chamber of GM/TDM in the Districts. In Kolkata the programme will be held on 29th January, 2018 at Lunch hour in front of the chamber of CGMT West Bengal Circle.       

"March to Sanchar Bhawan" on 23rd February'18---Let's make it a huge & effective programme: The Unions and Associations of BSNL has decided to organise "March to Sanchar Bhawan" programme on 23rd Febuary, 2018. It is part of the series of programme taken after two days strike on 12th & 13th December, 2017. Comrades the Modi Government is not in favour of Wage Revision/Pension Revision for the BSNL employees. Moreover they have a taken a decision to form "Subsidiary Tower Company" which will definitely weaken BSNL. We have to fight "Tooth and Nail" to achieve our demand of Wage Revision and to resist the evil force which are trying continuously to diminish BSNL. Comrades we have to attend March to Sanchar Bhawan, all the District Unions should send  maximum number of representatives. Let us make history.   

Senior Accountant case----Circle Union intervenes: In the last National Council Meeting the case of Senior Accountant was raised by the Staff side. Before issuance of 'Minutes' of the said NCM the CGM (UP-East) filed a petition and got stay from Allahabad High Court in r/o the Senior Accountant case. Recently the SEA section of Corporate Office has directed all the Circles to give a detail report of the Number of Senior Accountants as on 01/10/2000, working at present, retired/died/left service within this period. It is most unfortunate that the reluctant Circle Management has taken a dillydally tactics to send the report to CO New Delhi. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU on 19th January, 2018 met CGM and expressed strong resentment on the non submission of the report. However the CGM assured Com Mitra that the issue will be looked into.   

UPDATED ON 19-01-2018 AT 1925 HRS.

SIM Sale reduced due to non activation---Circle Union intervenes:  Recently it came to the notice of the Circle Union that the BSNL SIM cards which are being sold to the customers did not get activated. The situation is so grave that during this month the SIM sale slashed down to 8000 only while it was 28000 in the previous month. After getting information the Circle Union at once intervened and met GM (Marketing) yesterday. During detail discussion it is learnt that the Department has not provided the Biometric machines to the Retailers for which they are facing hurdles to activate the SIM Cards.  This incident hampers directly to decrease SIM sales in our Circle. The situation is so serious that the Circle Secretary Com Animesh Mitra today met CGM, reported the total scenario and demanded to intervene the situation immediately and proper instruction should go the Franchisee and Retailers so that the Customers should not be harassed to activate their SIM Cards without delay. At the same time Circle Union calls upon all the District Secretaries to meet AGM ( Marketing) or TDM  immediately to discuss on the subject so that they should also take some serious steps to involve all the workers irrespective of any cadre for wide marketing of BSNL SIMS and connections so that we can earn more revenue during the current year. 

Employees are joining BSNLEU in good number: Recently Circle Union has got the information that in the last Membership switchover  number of employees have joined BSNLEU again. The DR JEs also took the membership of BSNLEU in good number throughout the Circle. It is undoubtedly a inspiring and significant incident. The employees once again expressed that they believe in the fighting spree of BSNLEU to achieve the just demands of the workers.        

UPDATED ON 18-01-2018 AT 1900 HRS.

Asansol District organized massive demonstration today: The BSNLEU Asansol District Union today organized a massive demonstration at the DGM Office Asansol against the reluctant attitude of the Management towards betterment of service as well as  settlement of long pending HR issues. The programme was presided by Com Biswanath Mondal, President BSNLEU Asansol. Com Subrata Mishra, DS Asansol in his speech elaborated the problems before the gathering. Com Mishra also narrated the present situation to the employees. Com Sutapa Roy, Ramadhar Singh, both ADS BSNLEU, Subhas Bose, BS  BSNLEU Asansol East, Pradip Malkhandy, DS BSNLCMU and Mridulkanti Chatterjee, Leader AIBDPA Asansol spoke before the gathering. The leaders expressed their strong resentment against the Management and called upon the gathering to strengthen  unity. A good number of members belong to BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Asansol were present in the programme. <<Photos>>        


UPDATED ON 17-01-2018 AT 1830 HRS.

Circle Union met CGM ---demands settlement of burning issues: Today the leaders of the Circle Union met CGMT WB Mr. Shyam Narain and demanded immediate settlement of the burning staff problems. The leaders told CGM that it is really surprising that the Management after giving assurances and written 'Minutes', failed to resolve those issues. The issues which were raised for settlement were a) immediate holding of Circle Council meeting (for which 5th January, 2018 was scheduled earlier), b) immediate declaration of the result of TM examination which was held in the month of August' 17 and only around 30 candidates appeared, c) settlement of the Transfer cases (including prayer transfer), d) earliest settlement of the issue of GPF in r/o the TSM of  Burdwan ( a letter has also been handed over to the CGMT in this regard), e) settlement of the EPF & Gratuity issues in r/o Casual/Contractual/Security Guards (particularly the Gratuity issue which will be discussed in the meeting of Dir-HR to be held on 22nd January, 2018 at New Delhi) etc. During discussion the issue of shifting of CGMT Office to CTO Building was raised by the leaders. The leaders demanded that the shifting process should be completed immediately.The leaders also discussed and conveyed the agony of the employees regarding the present scenario of " TCO Building", particularly on the eve of ongoing "Metro Railway" work. CGM gave a patient hearing and assured again that Management will try their best to resolve the issues. Regarding problems of TCO Building CGM informed the leaders that he has gone to TCO along with the concerned officers today and observed the situation. He assured that the Management will take all necessary action in this regard. Regarding shifting  of CGMT Office, the CGM assured that Management is trying their best to do the same. Com Animesh Mitra, CS, Amitava Chattopadhyay and Sujoy Sarkar both ACS, BSNLEU WB were present in the meeting. 


UPDATED ON 16-01-2018 AT 1530 HRS.

CWC meeting of BSNLEU, WB circle has been fixed on 10 & 11th March, 2018 : The next CWC meeting which was scheduled to be held on 24th and 25th February, 2018 at Siliguri has been deferred for obvious reason and rescheduled on 10th &11th March, 2018. All the circle office bearers, district secretaries and circle subcommittee members are requested to purchase train tickets to attend the CWC meeting at Siliguri in time.

Join 'March to Sanchar Bhavan' at New Delhi in good numbers : As decided in the circle office bearer meeting held today  that the programme of 'March to Sanchar Bhavan', New Delhi to be held on 23rd February, 2018 to be attended from West Bengal circle in good numbers. District secretaries are requested to take necessary initiative to send good numbers of comrades from their district. Circle Union desires that all district union should participate in this programme. So once again the district secretaries are requested to take necessary steps to mobilize our members and purchase train tickets without further delay. 

UPDATED ON 15-01-2018 AT 1915 HRS.

Urgent meeting of Unions and Associations of BSNL, West Bengal held today : Today an important meeting held at CTO Union office to discuss the future course of action which have already notified on 8th January, 2018. The meeting was presided over by Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle secretary, SNEA. Other leaders from SNEA. AIBSNLEA, BSNLEU, NFTE, BSNL SEWA, AIGETOA. The leaders discussed elaborately on  'Satyagraha' programme which will start from 30th January, 2018. All the oraganisation agreed to send their good number of representative at the programme of "March to Sanchar Bhavan", New Delhi.


UPDATED ON 12-01-2018 AT 1915 HRS.

CWC, Siliguri & "March to Sanchar Bhawan", New Delhi programme rescheduled: Comrades, please note that the dates of Circle Working Committee Meeting  of BSNLEU WB at Siliguri and "March to Sanchar Bhawan", New Delhi have been rescheduled. The dates of the two programme will be intimated in detail after the meeting of the Circle Office Bearers which will be held on 16th January, 2018. 

JE LICE (erstwhile TTA) Examination to be held on 28th January, 2018: The examination for the 50% LICE for JE will be held on 28th January, 2018. The examination will be held for the Recruitment Year 2016. It is learnt that the total vacancies are around 300 for this examination. Till date around 48 candidates have submitted their candidature.

UPDATED ON 11-01-2018 AT 1935 HRS.

'Disinvestment' will go on at "High Pace" ---"Modi Government" announced once again: It is learnt that the Central Government is going to disinvest a good number of PSUs. A list of 24 CPSEs for this purpose has already been prepared for which the Government has given 'in principle approval'. This has been told by the concerned Minister in the 'Rajya Sabha' on 02nd January, 2018.  The PSUs like Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL), Air India, Bharat Earth Movers Ltd, Bridge & Roof India Ltd, Durgapur Salem Bhdrawati units of SAIL etc. are there in the list. The Bridge & Roof Pvt. Ltd, Durgapur Unit of SAIL and units of HPCL are the important sectors situated in  our state. It is already learnt from the Media that the Government disinvests 49% of Air India and allowed 100% FDI in retail market. From these steps of the Central Government it is now crystal clear that none of the CPSEs are safe in this country from 'Disinvestment'. Therefore it is the demand of the hour that we should be united and consolidate our strength to fight not only to Save BSNL but also to save other CPSEs of our country.

Due to sustained effort of both BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF, BSNL Management is compelled to discuss the Gratuity issue again: The BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF have long been perusing the issue of Gratuity in respect of Casual/Contractual workers of BSNL. This issue has also been raised and discussed during the meeting with ALC at New Delhi by the leaders. It is learnt that the ALC  has expressed utter dissatisfaction on the issue of non settlement of Gratuity by the BSNL Management during the meeting with the leaders on  9th January, 2018. Finally the ALC has assured the leaders to take necessary action in this regard along with the other issues. Accordingly the BSNL Management issued a letter of instruction on 10th January, 2018, in which it is stated clearly that the issue of Gratuity will be discussed during the meeting with the GM (HR) of all the Circles on 22nd January, 2018. Comrades this is undoubtedly a significant achievement. Due to relentless effort of both the leaders of BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF and continuous struggle of the workers we could compel the management to take some steps to settle the issue of Gratuity for the Casual/Contractual workers. <<Click Here>>  

Landlord closes Kalna Telephone exchange!!!! Yes! it is surprising but true. The Kalna Telephone exchange is situated in a residential building. It is learnt that due to non payment of rent by the BSNL Management the Landlord closed the Main door of the Telephone exchange. The non p;ayment issue of rent pertain to Kalna exchange has been raised by the BSNLEU Br. and District leaders of Burdwan during a discxussion with the DGM Burdwan two months a ago. The DGM also assured the leaders that the issue will be settled. Now it is learnt that the landlord will get rent of four years. Comrades, it is easily understandable from this incident how reluctant and callous management is controlling West Bengal Circle.    

UPDATED ON 10-01-2018 AT 1925 HRS.

Today Branch Conference of Kharagpur Branch held : Today the 10th January, 2018 branch conference of BSNLEU, Kharagpur Branch was held. Veteran Leader of Telecom movement Com. Susanta Ghosh inaugurated the conference. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle secretary attended the conference on behalf of Circle union. The conference unanimously elected Com Panchanan Ganguly, Shayamapada Rana and Nandalal Jana as Branch President, Secretary & Treasurer for the next term.  <<Pictures>

Next Circle Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU, WB will be held at Siliguri : District Union of Siliguri has consented to hold the next Circle Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU, WB Circle at Siliguri. Comrades of Siliguri have taken this bold decision amidst of all constrains.  The CWC meeting has been scheduled to be held on 24th & 25th February, 2018. District Secretaries are requested to purchase train tickets so that they could reach Siliguri in time. District Union of Siliguri has formed the reception committee and they have already started to work to make the meeting a grand success. Circle Union extends its warm greetings to all the comrades of Siliguri.

UPDATED ON 09-01-2018 AT 1940 HRS.

District Conference of Asansol & ETR Kolkata held with a determination to SAVE BSNL &  to achieve the demands of the Employees: On 7th January, 2018 the District conference of Asansol and ETR were held successfully.

The District conference of Asansol was held at  "Com Priyotosh Ray Mancha" & "Com Sukomol Sen Nagar" (Kumarpur Telephone Exchange, Asansol) on 7th January, 2018. The Red Flag of the union was hoisted by Com Biswanath Mondal,  District President Asansol, the leaders also paid homage to the Martyrs. After Mass song by the comrades of Asansol the Conference was inaugurated by Com Nazes Nauroz, President, BSNLEU WB. Com Nauroz in his speech narrated the present situation of BSNL, our demands and ensuing struggles. He also called upon the employees to strengthen unity to fight the attacks. The GM Asansol Mr. P.K. Mahapatra was present in the conference and deliberated his speech. Com Subrata Mishra, District Secretary, Asansol placed the draft report and described the present perspective of the situation and struggle of the working class. Com Mishra highlighted the problems of Asansol District before the house. Com Ajit Layek,  District Treasurer tabled the accounts. The house then elaborately discussed on different issues pertain to Service as well as Staff problems. Com Pradip Malkhandy, DS BSNLCMU Asansol, Com N.B. Pal leader AIBDPA also greeted the conference. In fine the house unanimously elected Com Biswanath Mondal, Subrata Mishra and Ajit layek as District President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next Term. District Women subcommittee were also elected from the house where Com Sutapa Roy elected as the Convenor. Almost all the members right from Bahula, Jamuria (Raniganj Br.) to Kumarpur (Asansol West Br.) attended the conference amidst scorchy winter.

On 7th January, 2018 the District Conference of ETR Kolkata was held at the Telephone Bhawan, Kolkata. After paying homage to the Martyrs the conference was inaugurated by Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary BSNLEU WB. Com Mitra in his speech elaborately described the problems of BSNL, attack of Modi Govt. on BSNL, unsettled demands of Regular, Non regular and Pensioners of BSNL, present scenario of the state, duties & responsibilities of BSNL employees to fight against the attacks. Com Mitra called upon to the employees to keep strong unity. Veteran leader of Telecom movement Com. Dhananjoy Ganguly spoke in the conference on various issues in the present political scenario. Mr. Satish Ram, GM (Head Quarter), ETR Kolkata was present on the occasion and deliberated his speech. Sri K.G. Debnath, DGM also spoke in the conference. Com Sankar Talukdar, senior leader ETR spoke on the occasion. Com Asis Das, Dist. Secy ETR tabled the draft report and Com Surendra Prasad, placed the accounts before the house. The delegates who have attended the conference in good number discussed various issues pertain to service as well as problems of the staff of ETR district. In fine the house unanimously elected Com Sunil Nayek, Asish Kumar Das and Surendra Prasad as District President, Secretary and Tresurer for the next term.

In both the conferences the delegates and the leaders emphasized on the present situation of poor service and problems of the employees of their respective districts. The conference of Asansol and ETR Kolkata ended with a firm resolution to "Save BSNL" at any cost and to achieve the demands of the employees. 

                                              <<Photos of the District Conference of Asansol & ETR Kolkata>>

Executive and Non executives of WB Circle blatantly oppose the decision of formation of Subsidiary Tower Company: At the call of All Unions and Associations of BSNL, lunch hour demonstration programme was held successfully almost in all the SSAs of  West Bengal Circle on 8th January, 2018. At Kolkata the programme was held before the chamber of CGMT WB where Com Animesh Mitra convenor alongwith Com Tapas Ghosh, CS SNEA, Com Kalyan Halder, President AIBSNLEA, Com Partha Das, CS SEWA deliberated their speeches. Com Aniruddha Bose, CS AIBSNLEA presided over the demonstration. The speakers vehemently criticizes the  derogatory stand of Modi Government to weaken BSNL and called upon both the executive and non executive employees of BSNL to combat the attack with sustained struggle. The programme was held seriously in the SSAs like Asansol, Durgapur, Berhampur, Burdwan, Bankura, Kharagpur etc. where the  District leaders of the Unions & Associations vehemently opposed the decision of the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company which drastically diminish the existence of BSNL and the employees in near future.  


Problems of Casual/Contractual workers discussed with ALC New Delhi: Today at New Delhi the leaders of BSNLCCWF met Assistant Labour Commisioner New Delhi and raised the burning problems of Casual and Contractual workers attached to BSNl. Earlier on the eve of 2 days strike held on 12th & 13th December, 2017 the CLC desired to talk with our leaders. Com Animesh Mitra, Secreatry General BSNLCCWF and Tapas Ghosh, Working President met Mr. Neeraj Kumar, ALC and elaborately discussed different issues of non regular workers. Mr Kumar assured the leaders that action will be taken to resolve the issues and BSNL management will also be asked to intervene. The next meeting will be held on 22nd February, 2018. <<Click>>     



UPDATED ON 06-01-2018 AT 2000 HRS.

At last the Management has formed a committee to approve Hospital for empanelment : Of late there is no empanelled Hospital for cash less treatment for the BSNL employees of West Bengal Telecom Circle. As a result the employees of our circle had to suffer a lot.  BSNL Employees union was perusing for empanelment of hospitals of renown. We have also took up the issue in the last circle council meeting. Accordingly it was decided that a committee will be formed to search out the renowned hospital for cash less treatment for recommendation of the Circle Head. At last a six member committee was formed under the chairmanship of General Manager (Marketing), WBT Circle. Staff representative from BSNLEU is Com. Bidyut Goswami, Asstt. Treasurer. It is only the BSNLEU working day and night for the cause of the workers.  


UPDATED ON 05-01-2018 AT 2000 HRS.

Medical Bills pending at Circle Office ---Employees are suffering: More than 1000 Medical Bills are pending at Circle Office on which discussions were held in the last Circle Council meeting. It was decided that all the Medical Bills as received by the Circle Office upto July, 2017 in respect of Regular employees & Pensioners will be cleared by 31/10/2017. Even the PGM (Fin) gave a figure to the Council members in which it was shown that 541 bills  for Regular employees and 947 bills for the retired employees were lying unsettled. In between these periods some cases were cleared but a good number of unsettled bills  again received by the Circle Office. Therefore Circle Union demands that the Management should take specific course of action to settle the pending Medical bills. A separate team may be constituted with the concerned officials to dispose of the backlogs. Circle Union also demands that management should settle the bills received up to 31/12/2017 within 28th February, 2018 both for the Regular & Retired employees.

Circle Union demands Council Meeting at the earliest: It was assured by the CGMT WB that the next Council meeting will be held on 5th January, 2018 and 'Minutes' were also issued in this respect. But it is really a matter of disgrace that the Management failed to even served the Notice of the Circle Council meeting till date. As a result the important issues for discussions like pending staff problems, empanelment of Nursing Home, meeting of the Works committee at SSA level etc. remained unsettled. Circle Union vehemently criticizes this attitude of the Circle Management and demands immediate formal announcement of date of the next Circle Council meeting within January, 2018 so that the Agenda Items for the meeting can be submitted. 

We Are Trying Heartily But The Situation Is Very Critical: We are trying our best make BSNL WB Circle turn around but still the situation remains unchanged. In the month of December, 2017 BSNL WB Circle could achieve 105% of the target set for the Mobile connection, where as CTD achieved 279% of the target set for them. This figure surely enthuse us. Outstanding collection is going on in various places of WB Circle. Rs 28,193/- was collected in a day from a small camp at Jagatballavpur itself.  It is undoubtedly a great achievement and if we could take serious initiative then there will be some more revenue earnings. Since last couple of months our employees are continuously organizing 'Camps' & 'Melas' almost in every SSAs. The District Unions of these SSAs are giving extra effort to motivate the employees to do this jobs. They even prepare Flex, Leaflets for 'Marketing' in absence of any positive approach from the Management. The SSAs like Asansol, Kolkata, Jalpaiguri are the best example so far. In spite of all these the all India figure of Revenue earning of BSNL is otherwise. During the months of April to December in the year 2017 we have earned Rs. 5100 Crore less than that of 2016. The revenue earning is decreasing in the all India scenario. The earning decreased about Rs 100 core  for WBTC and Rs. 72 core in respect of CTD Circle upto December 2017. It is fact that the earnings of the private  Tele operators have also been decreased. All are suffering from revenue loss in the competitive market. In spite of all the constraints let's try our best to do little better up to next March, 2018.  

UPDATED ON 03-01-2018 AT 1930 HRS.

Com Narsingh Paswan, District President BSNLEU Purulia is no more: The District President of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Purulia, Com Narsingh Paswan breathed his last at about 12.30 A.M. today at Purulia due to massive cardiac failure. Earlier he was the District Secretary of BSNLEU Purulia for quite a long time and best known to our comrades for his simplicity and organisational ability. He fought bravely against any odds to keep our "Red Flag" high throughout his life. Yesterday evening also he went to the Union Office and had talks with the District Secretary, BSNLEU and other leaders. He was 62 and left his wife, 2 daughters and a big family behind. Circle Union conveys heartfelt condolences to his family and all the comrades of Purulia District.   

UPDATED ON 02-01-2018 AT 2000 HRS.

Photos of the 9th Circle Conference of BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union West Bengal held at Bankura on 24th & 25th December, 2017:

                                                                                                 <<Click Here>>

UPDATED ON 01-01-2018 AT 1915 HRS.

Circle Union Wishes Very Good And Prosperous New Year, '2018' : On the New years eve let be our resolution for the year 2018 to settle our just demands like wage revision from 1-1-2017 and not to weaken BSNL by forming subsidiary tower company. Lets be our oath to strengthen BSNL and to render better service to our customers. Task ahead of us to achieve the demands of the casual/contract workers like 'equal pay for equal work', minimum wage of Rs 18000/- per month, extension of the facility like Gratuity and other social securities.

Is it a Role of a Dynamic Administration?? Our Bankura District Union had submitted a memorandum to TDM, Bankura on 12.05.2017. The memorandum was based on the scenario of BSNL in Bankura district and settling the staff grievances of the SSA. But the management is so negative in attitude that the administration did not take any action to negotiate with the union or settle the cases. Ultimately the District Union was compelled to give a call for Hunger Strike before the TDM chamber on 27 November, 2017. Then the Management invited the District Union for a discussion on 8 points charter of demands. On 5th December, the Management issued the formal minutes of the meeting with BSNLEU. The Minutes itself established that the demands of BSNLEU are genuine and relate to BSNL & Staff interest too. But one point easily we can raise if the management can takes 6 months time to discuss on Staff problems with the Recognize Union then how much time they require to settle the Staff Problems as mentioned in the Memorandum on 12th May, 2017???      

UPDATED ON 28-12-2017 AT 1920 HRS.

How long  the turmoil at Raiganj will continue? Circle Union demands amicable settlement: It is really a matter of shame on the part of the management both at Circle & SSA level, that they failed to restore normal working atmosphere since last 20 months Raiganj. The Officers including TDM Raiganj used to come Kolkata, discuss with CGM, attending Development committee meeting but failed to enter their office at Raiganj which have no explanations. How long it will continue?? even after the intervention of CGM the officers of Raiganj SSA at field level do not even care to obey the order of the CGM. We still believe that the Management of Raiganj SSA should discuss the matter with the staff involved in this matter for an amicable settlement. BSNLEU is ready to cooperate with the management and the staff to normalize the situation

Result of TM LICE expected to be published in the First Week of January, 2018: Today Circle Union met GM (HR) and demanded the immediate publication of the result of TM LICE examination which was held in the month of August, 2017.The Management informed the leaders that the evaluation of the answer sheets has already been completed and the result will expected to be published in the first week of January, 2018. Circle Union requested GM (HR) to initiate the process of Training as early as possbile after the publication of result. On discussion it is learnt that the management is already in action to hold the examination for JE (erstwhile TTA) LICE for the year 2018. Vacancies for West Bengal Circle has already been conveyed to Corporate Office for notification of the examination.

Telecom Sector--whether the Big Business house going to capture it fully???? In the regime of 'Modi' Government the national & international Tele operators are trying hard to capture the whole Telecom Market of our country. Due to the pro corporate policies of 'Modi' Government, the general people of our country is going to loose Tele service at low cost. Number of Private Tele companies in India are either compelled to close their operations or being merged with the others, controlled fully by the Corporate lobbies. Being a PSU, BSNL is not out of danger but the employees of BSNL are struggling Tooth & Nail to keep their existence throughout the country.  A detailed news in this regard has come out in a Bengali Daily which we must go through. <<Click Here >>.

Organizational News:   

The District Conferences of Asansol & ETR will be held on 7th January, 2018. The preparations for these two District conferences are going on in full swing.

The Branch conference of Kharagpur will be held on 10th January, 2018.

Circle union has got the news that being a very small unit the BSNLEU Hasimara of Alipurduar Branch, Jalpaiguri District has conducted a organisational meeting on 27th December, 2017 where all the members were present. Circle Unions conveys Red salute to our members and organisers of Hasimara Unit.


UPDATED ON 27-12-2017 AT 1955 HRS.

BSNL Employees are determined to resist the "FRDI Bill" : Today at the call of BPMO a mass convention held at Ramlila Maidan, Moulali to protest against the black bill of the Central Govt. 'FRDI' bill. The BSNL employees along with the pensioners attended the convention through a rally which started from the "Subodh Mallick Square". All the leaders of the constituents of BPMO expressed their strong determination to resist this black bill. They also explained how the the Central Govt. is trying to hush up the common peoples meager savings in the bank. Com. Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU, WB circle spoke in the convention.  <<Click for Photos>>


UPDATED ON 26-12-2017 AT 1904 HRS.

Take Part in the Mass Convention against the FRDI bill at Ramlila maidan : Comrades you have successfully organised gate meetings on 21st December to protest against the anti people 'FRDI' bill. Now BPMO has organized a mass convention against this black bill at Ramlila Maidan on 27th December, 2017. District secretaries in and around Kolkata are requested to take all out effort though it is festive session and the year ending to organize our employees to assemble in the convention. BSNL employees (regular & irregular) and the pensioners will assemble in the convention through a rally which will be held at 2PM from Subodh Mallick Square (Hind cinema) on that day.

The 9th Circle conference of BSNLCMU, WB Circle ended successfully : The 9th Circle conference of BSNLCMU, WB Circle held at "Dipen Ghosh Mancha" ( Vidya Bhavan) and "Fidel Castro Nagar" (Bankura) with great enthusiasm amongst the workers. The Red flag of the organization was hoisted by president Com. Tapan Ghosh.  The conference was inaugurated by veteran Telecom leader Com Dhananjoy Ganguly. A colourful rally was held which went past the Bankura town before the beginning of the conference. An Open Session was held on 25th December, 2017. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS, BSNLEU, WB deliberated his speech in the opening ceremony. Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General BSNLCCWF, who was present in the conference for two days spoke before the huge audience regarding the duties & responsibilities of Casual/Contractual workers at the present juncture. He spoke in various aspect in regard to the casual/contract workers, their demands, their struggle and the attitude of the management towards these workers. He greeted the workers for successful strike for two days on 12th & 13th December, 2017. He also made the workers alert against danger of communalism which is very much patronized by the ruling party of the Central Govt. Com Banani Chattopadhyay, Jt. Convenor BSNL Working Women Coordination Committee greeted the conference. Leaders of other fraternal organisation also spoke on the occasion. During delegate session Com. Tapas Ghosh, CS, placed the draft report and Com. Nemai Das, Treasurer placed the accounts for consideration of the house. Com Tapas Ghosh initiated the proceedings and enlightened the house about latest development in BSNL in regard to the casual/contract workers. The struggle for the just demands of these workers and anti people decisions of the Central and State Govt. In the open session Com. Subhas Mukhopadhyay, State Secretary, CITU, Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, Com. Pijush Chakraborty, CS. AIBDPA, Com. Tapas Ghosh, CS, BSNLCMU spoke in the open session. Com. Asis Das, ACS, BSNLEU, WB also spoke in the conference. A presidium consisting of Com. Tapan Ghosh, Com. Nazes Nauroz, Com. Pankaj Saha, Com. Kalyan Raha and Com. Dhiren presided the conference. Com. Tapan Ghosh, Com. Tapas Ghosh and Com. Nemai Das were elected unanimously as President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The report and the accounts was accepted by the house unanimously after threadbare discussion by the delegates. BSNL Employees Union, west Bengal Circle congratulate all the office bearers who were elected for another term.            

UPDATED ON 21-12-2017 AT 1935 HRS.

BSNLEU & BSNLCMU strongly oppose "FRDI bill", organised Demonstration and Rally in Kolkata: Today the BSNLEU & BSNLCMU WB Circle  unions jointly organised protest demonstration and rally  at CTO Kolkata against the FRDI Bill. A good number of employees were present. At the beginning a rally with slogans against the Bill as well as anti people, pro corporate steps of the present Modi Government were raised. After the rally Com Anindya Sarkar, org. secy. BSNLEU WB narrated the dreadful effects of the Bill. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU & SG BSNLCCWF detailed the background of this FRDI Bill and mentioned how the Bill will affect the working mass as well as the general people of our country. Com Mitra called upon everybody to oppose this Bill "Tooth & Nail" and to make widest propaganda amongst the employees against "FRDI Bill". Com Nazes Nauroz, President BSNLEU WB presided over the demonstration programme.  <<Click for Photos>>

At last Development Meeting held: Today Development Meeting held successfully. After long gap the meeting is convened by the Management. Earlier a memorandum was submitted to CGMT in the month of August, 2017 by BSNLEU to highlight the problems related to development in WB Circle and demanded Development Meeting to make the Circle turn around. The Development meeting started at 11.30 A.M. and ended at 2 P.M. Many issues relate to Development, Maintenance, Marketing of this Circle were discussed.   The meeting held under the Chairmanship of CGMT WB Sri Shyam Narain. The PGM (Fin), GM (HR), GM (EB & Mktg.), GM (CFA) along with others were present in the meeting.  

Congratulations to our members for their success in the All India BSNL Badminton Tournament: Good news came from the 17th BSNL Badminton Tournament, Hyderabad City, where the participants of West Bengal  have bagged 4 (Four ) Bronze Medals. Com Sudip Bhattacharjee, Nandita Datta, Bipasha Sarkar and Amrita Bhattacharya have secured medals in Team events (Women), Singles (Men & Women) and Doubles (Women). The BSNLEU WB Circle heartily conveys warm greetings to all our members and wishes all success in future.      

UPDATED ON 20-12-2017 AT 1830 HRS.

New "FRDI Bill"---Modi Government attacks Banking Sector as well as the General People: Again attack has come upon the General People of our country from BJP Government. The cabinet has taken a decision to table a bill "FRDI Bill" (Finance Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill) in the coming session of the Parliament. It is learnt that through this FRDI Bill the Government is avoiding the responsibility to give guarantee for the deposits of the General People in the Banks, Insurance, Rural Banks, Central/State Cooperatives. Presently in our country 90% of the depositors are the General People of India. To give relief to the big business houses (like Ambani, Adani, Malya, etc) from the huge loans of Lakhs of Crore of Rupees the BJP Government is going to attack the Finance Sectors of our country as well as the Common People.  Today a extended meeting of BPMO, held at Kolkata elaborately discussed the matter and unanimously decided to organize Protest demonstration programme throughout West Bengal. Comrades, we being the part of working class have to raise our strong protest against this heinous, draconian Bill immediately. The District Secretaries are therefore requested to organize demonstration programme at all level and join with the members in the Signature Campaign programme going on in front of the Banks etc. in our state. <<Click for Photos>>      

UPDATED ON 19-12-2017 AT 2010 HRS.

HPC of West Bengal Telecom Circle approves the name of some more candidates : After sustained struggle and persuasion by the Circle union, the HPC has approved 21 more names of the candidates for Compassionate Ground Appointment. The names of the 21 candidates have also been sent to corporate office for final approval. It is only the struggle along with the employees which yielded result. District secretaries are requested to keep close contact with the circle union as well as the candidates for CGA and their families.  

District Conference of BSNLCMU Kolkata and Suri District ended successfully :

The 8th District Conference of BSNLCMU, Kolkata district held on 9 & 10 December, 2017 at "Com. Abhijit Mondal Mancha" and "Sambhu Banerjee Nagar" (Habra Telephone exchange, 24 Praganas-North). The conference was inaugurated by Com. Manik Lal Sarkar, Organizing Secretary, BSNLEU, WB and District Secretary Kolkata SSA. The Red flag was hoisted before the start of the conference by the President Com. Anirban Ghosh. The martyrs column was garlanded by President Com. Anirban Ghosh, Com. Manik Lal Sarkar, inaugurator, Com. Goutam Das, District Secretary along with other leaders and delegates. Later in course of the conference Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, WB, Vice-president BSNLEU (CHQ) and Secretary General, CCWF deliberated his speech. He reminded the delegates about the struggle ahead of Casual/Contractual workers. He apprised the house regarding the legitimate demand of the casual workers of minimum wage of Rs 18000/- and Gratuity for all. He also emphasized on the demand of "Equal Pay for Equal Work" before the house. After threadbare discussions for 2 days the conference unanimously elected Com. Anirban Ghosh, Com. Goutam Das and Com. Samir Bairagi as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The district union facilitated four senior casual comrades in the conference. <<Click for Photos>>

The 8th District Conference of BSNLCMU, Suri District held on 17th December, 2017 at Sainthia Telephone exchange, Birbhum. the Red flag of the union was hoisted by the District President Com. Madan Mohan Ghosh. The Martyrs column was garlanded by District President and other leaders and delegates. The conference was inaugurated by Com. Nazes Nauroz, President BSNLEU, WB circle and Vice-president, BSNLCMU, WB. More than hundreds of delegates attended the conference. Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF and Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, BSNLCMU, WB and Working President BSNLCCWF was present in the conference. Com. Mitra congratulated the workers for successful two days strike on 12th & 13th  December, 2017. He explained in details the struggle for minimum wage and Gratuity and social securities for the casual/contractual workers. He apprised the house about the threat of the communal forces in our country who are trying to break the unity of the workers in the name of religion. Com. Tapas Ghosh, Working President BSNLCCWF, narrated the present position of the casual/contract workers in our circle and the struggle ahead of us. Com. Santosh Goswami, District Secretary placed the draft report and the accounts by Com. Dipankar Dasgupta, Treasurer in the house. After  detailed discussions by the delegates the same was accepted by the delegates unanimously. Later the conference elected unanimously Com. Madan Mohan Ghosh, Com. Santosh Goswami and Com Dipankar Dasgupta as President, District Secretary and Treasurer for the next term. <<Click for Photos>>    

UPDATED ON 18-12-2017 AT 1915 HRS.

Bankura Is All Set To Hold The Circle Conference Of BSNLCMU : The 9th Circle Conference of BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union, West Bengal Circle  is going to be held at the Bankura Town on and from 24th December, 2017. The Conference will be inaugurated by veteran leader Comrade Dhananjoy Ganguly on 24th December at 11AM. On the next day i.e 25th December, 2017 an open session will be held. The speakers are Com. Dhananjoy Ganguly, Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, WB and Vice-president, BSNLEU (CHQ) and Com. Pijush Chakraborty, Circle Secretary, AIBDPA, WB circle. Already the reception committee has been formed under the leadership of Com. Dilip Pal, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Bankura District and the comrades are working day and night to make the conference a grand success. It is learnt that more than 200 delegates from the hills of Gangtok and Darjeeling to planes of South Bengal are going to attend the circle conference.

Take All Out Effort To Increase The Revenue Of West Bengal Telecom Circle During The Last Quarter Of The Year : Today the circle  working committee meeting was held and reviewed the post strike period situation. The meeting expressed its satisfaction on the successful two day strike on 12th & 13th December, 2017. The meeting also pointed out the need of the hour. It has unanimously decided that the unity which we have formed, is to be consolidated. It has also appealed to the workers that,  the strike is over and only three months left for the year ending, to exert all out effort for development work of our circle so as to increase our revenue to a sizeable amount. So district secretaries are requested to take care of the development work in their respective SSA.    

UPDATED ON 16-12-2017 AT 1215 HRS.

BSNLEU met Director (HR) at Kolkata: Recently Director (HR) Smt. Sujata T. Roy came to Kolkata in a tour programme. The BSNLEU WB and CTD Circle Secretaries Com Animesh Mitra & Com Sisir Roy met Director (HR) on 14th December, 2017, the very next day of the 2 days strike in BSNL throughout the country. On discussion with the Director (HR) the leaders raised the issues of the Strike. Smt. Roy informed the leaders that the BSNL management is also very much interested to settle the issue of "Wage Revision" for the employees. They are actively pursuing the issue with DOT as well as the Minister. She opined that she is very much hopeful in regard to the 3rd PRC.  Director (HR) sought cooperation of the employees in this regard. Com Animesh Mitra, CS West Bengal also discussed the issue of Development and Maintenance of WB Circle. The Director (HR) assured to provide  all sorts of assistance for the betterment of service of BSNL in the Circle. Com Mitra requested Smt. Roy to look after the problems of availability of 'Fund', particularly for day to day maintenance of WB Circle. Com Mitra told Director (HR) that the employees of WB Circle are working hard towards betterment of BSNL service and increase of revenue earnings during the last 3 months of this financial year. The Director (HR) assured  Com. Mitra that the matter will be looked into. 

After sustained persuasion and pressure the Management compelled to convene "Development Meeting": Since months together Circle Union  is pressurizing the Management to convene "Development Meeting" at the Circle level. A Memorandum in this regard has already been submitted to the CGMT towards the betterment of Service in West  Bengal. However Circle Union is being informed by the Management that a "Development Meeting" will be held on 21st December, 2017 at 11.30 hrs. Circle Union will join the meeting with the hope that some decision will be taken in "Development Meeting" which will definitely help BSNL WB to turn around in the coming days.

Result of TM Examination----Circle Union reacts: The departmental examination for TM has been conducted couple of months ago but till date the Management fails to publish the result. Circle Secretary Com. Animesh Mitra yesterday met GM (HR) and expressed strong resentment over non publication of result of the TM examination. Com Mitra told that it is really surprising that the management yet to publish the result of only 30 candidates appeared in the examination. On discussion it is learnt that due to some problems related with vacancy position the publication of result delayed. However it is settled. Circle Unions demands that the Management should publish the result within 31st December, 2017 without any further delay.

UPDATED ON 14-12-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

Transfer cases of DR JEs-- Circle Union had a talk with the Management: Recently a group of DR JEs have joined in our Circle after completion of their Training. On 8th December, 2017 Circle Secretary once again raised the issue of Transfer of DR JEs during discussion with GM (HR). On discussion the GM (HR) assured that the transfer cases of the Senior most JEs in the SSAs will be considered by the local management. Accordingly, some new DR JEs  have been posted to the SSAs. Hope that the local management will consider some transfer cases. The GM (HR) has agreed to consider One Rule 38 case. Circle Union will also pursue for the others.  

BSNLCMU CIRCULAR (Regarding Ensuing Bankura Circle Conference): <<click here>>

UPDATED ON 13-12-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

"It is the beginning, the War is still going on"-- Two days strike registered excellent involvement of BSNL employees & Pensioners in West Bengal Circle: The Executive/Non executive employees, Pensioners and Casual/Contractual workers of BSNL West Bengal Circle made the 2 days strike of BSNL a Landmark in the history of Trade Union movement. Also on the second day of the two days strike the Office/Exchanges were decorated with Flex, Festoons etc.,  number of employees came to the gates of the office/exchanges and draw the attention of the general people regarding the demands of the strike. Circle Union conveys Red Salute to all the employees and pensioners of  BSNL, West Bengal circle who has wholeheartedly participated to make the two days strike a mammoth one. From the small exchanges like Namchi, Gangarampur in the North Bengal to Kumarpur, Rampurhat in the South the employees have registered their bold presence during these 2 days strike. Comrades we have to cross number of hurdles to get our demands fulfilled. So the War is going on and there is no scope to loosen our unity. With the mighty strength of our unity we will definitely win the war. Let's consolidate and broaden our Unity. 

UPDATED ON 12-12-2017 AT 1915 HRS.

Overwhelming Support on the First Day of Two Days Strike in West Bengal : Overwhelming support from the executives and non-executives of BSNL West Bengal Circle made the first day of the two day strike a grand success. So far the information received by the circle union that the strike was 100%  from the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim to districts of South Bengal. In Kolkata good response was received from all categories of employees. Today a good number of employees were mobilized at the gate of the offices and exchanges  where slogans and gate meetings were held in support of the two day strike.  

UPDATED ON 11-12-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

2 days strike preparation reaches the peak---employees are determined to get just demand: During last couple of days the joint convention and general body meetings were held at different SSAs of West Bengal as preparation of the two day strike in BSNL which will be held on 12th & 13th  December, 2017. The joint convention/meetings were held at Jalpaiguri, Bankura, Berhampore, Ranaghat and Asansol. At Jalpaiguri Com. Ujjal Ghosh, Org. Secretary and Com. Mamata Sarkar, Org. Secretary were the circle representative, Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS spoke on behalf of BSNLEU, WB circle at the joint meeting of Bankura, Com. Animesh Mitra, CS deliberated his speech at Berhampore and at Ranaghat Com. Bidhan Pramanik, Asst. Circle Secretary was the representative from circle union of BSNLEU. It was learnt that joint meeting was also held at Alipurduar.

At Asansol the last hour campaign programme was made jointly through street corner meetings. They have conducted meetings at various important points of Asansol city. The comrades of Asansol took out a colourful rally  on the streets of Asansol City today as part of the campaign programme. 

Today before the commencement of the strike from 12th December, 2017 the information received last by the circle union that joint meetings and rallies were held at different SSAs. Such meetings and rallies were held at Siliguri, TCO, CGMT Office, CTO Building, Kolkata SSA, ETP and Durgapur.

At Kolkata the leaders of the Unions & Associations of BSNL, WB Circle met CGMT WB, ETR and ETP and Com Amitava Mitra, convener informed the three CGMs that the executives and non executives of BSNL WB will be on strike on 12th & 13th December, 2017.   

                                        <<Photos of the Rallies, Gate Meeting, Street Corners & Convention throughout West Bengal>>



UPDATED ON 08-12-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

Massive Rally of BSNL employees roars against the Policies of the Government on the streets of Kolkata: In connection with the demands of Wage Revision for the Executives/Non executives, settlement of the pending issues of 2 wage revision and against the decision of the formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company the BSNL employees came on the Roads of Kolkata with slogans in favour of the legitimate demands. More than 5000 executives and non executives under the banner of Unions & Associations of West Bengal came on the roads of Kolkata to join the rally. The Rally started from "Subodh Mallick Square" and ended at 'Y Road", Esplanade. At Esplanade Com Animesh Mitra, Convenor and other leaders of Unions & Associations, WB gave their speeches.

                                                                   <<Click for Pictures>>

Coochbehar, smallest District--performing magnificent job : Really, we feel proud of our Coochbehar District Union who have p;layed an examlary role to make the 2 days strike campaign. It is rep;oprted that unions & associations of coochbehar have published a leaflet in bengali for wide circulation amonst the customers. The executives and non executives have taken decision to distribute the leaflet in public p;lace to the general mass. BSNLEU Coochbehar has ;played a vital role to intensify unity amongst the executives and nonecutives there. Previously it was observed that "Human Chain" programme was also observed in  the public place where most of the officers and employees have participated. Today they have organised one gate meeting and took decision to organize a rally on Monday to make a good campaign for the ensuiong strike. We convey our warm greetings to the members of Coochbehar who hold the Flag of unity high at Coochehar.  <<Photos>> 

PHOTOS OF THE CONVENTION AND MEETINGS HELD AT SILIGURI, ASANSOL AND BURDWAN IN CONNECTION WITH 2 DAYS STRIKE ON 6TH & 7TH DECEMBER, 2017:                                                                                   <<Click for Photos>>


UPDATED ON 07-12-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

Enthusiastic Women's Convention Held at TI Hall CTO, Building, Kolkata :Today women subcommittee of BSNLEU, WB Circle organized a women's convention  at TI hall, CTO, Building in connection with the two days strike in BSNL on 12th & 13th December, 2017. An enthusiastic convention was held to make the two day strike a grand success. Com. Banani Chottopadhyay, Jt. Convenor BSNL WWCC and Jt. convenor women sub committee WB , Com Jhumur Bandyopadhyay, Jt. convenor women subcommittee WB and Com. Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU, WB appealed the workers to make the strike a grand success and explained the necessity of the strike. There was also reporting made by Com. Banani in regard to the formation of Coordination Committee of Working Women in BSNL  in Hyderabad and New Delhi recently meeting held. Com. Shibani Das presided over the meeting. <Photos>

Inspiring Convention Held At Asansol, Burdwan and Siliguri In Connection With Two Day Strike In BSNL : Inspiring conventions were  held at the different Office/Exchange of Asansol, on 6th and 7th December, at Burdwan on 7th December, 2017 and at Siliguri on 6th December, 2017 in connection with the two day strike to be held on 12th and 13th December, 2017. Intensive campaign promramme are being made by the district unions through conventions. The workers and officers are very much charged to make the strike a historic one. At Asansol Com. Subrata Mishra, Asstt. Circle Secretary, at Burdwan Com. Bidhan Pramanik, Asstt. Circle Secretary and Com. Prabir Das, Org. Secretary at Burdwan and in Siliguri Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary was the main speakers. 



UPDATED ON 06-12-2017 AT 1815 HRS.

Leaders of Unions and Associations, West Bengal Circle  Submitted Memorandum to Hon'ble MPs at Different Districts : The leaders of Unions and Associations in different districts of West Bengal Circle handed over the memorandum in regard to the two day strike in BSNL on 12th & 13 December, 2017. At Berhampore District the leaders handed over the memorandum to Sri Adhir Chowdhury, Hon'ble MP, at Raiganj District memorandum was handed over to Md. Selim, Hon'ble MP and at Jangipur Sri Abhijit Mukherjee, Hon'ble MP was handed over the memorandum.


UPDATED ON 05-12-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

Secretary General, CCWF met with the BSNL management and DOT: Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General CCWF and CS BSNLEU WB went to CLC New Delhi Office today to discuss the demands of the Casual & Contract labourers. He also met with the management of DOT & BSNL and raised the just demands of the casual and contract labourers. He also discussed regarding the issuance of Fund which has not yet been released by the BSNL management. He was assured by the BSNL management that the matter of 'Fund' will be seriously looked into.

UPDATED ON 04-12-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

Again a huge meeting at the call of Red Flag---It is our Raiganj: A joint General Body meeting at the call of BSNLEU & BSNLCM Raiganj was held on 2nd December, 2017 at the Telephone Exchange Raiganj. Since August, 2017 due to severe atrocities created by the miscreants in connivance with the outside political goons the members of both the unions could not meet. However ignoring all the threats and assaults during the intervening period the BSNL workers of Raiganj again attended the meeting on 2/12/2017 at the call of the Red Flags of BSNLEU & BSNCMU. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU WB in the meeting told the employees to take fullest effort to make the 2days strike successful. Com. Chattopadhyay also told that without unity and sustained struggle we cannot save BSNL or achieve Wage revision for the BSNL employees. Com S.N. Mondal, acting DS BSNLEU, Com Sandip Ghosh, DS BSNLCMU, Com Asim Sil, leader BSNLCM, Com Manik Kundu, Dist. VP BSNLEU spoke on the occasion and detailed the present scenario before the employees. Com Kameswar Dist. President BSNLEU presided over the meeting. <<Click for Photos>> .

Similar joint meeting of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Malda was also held on 3rd December, 2017 at the TDM Office Malda where Com Amitava Chattopadhyay was the main speaker. Com Chattopadhyay spoke regarding the ensuing 2 days strike and called upon the members to strengthen unity. Com Ujjal Ghosh DS BSNLEU, Com Nibedita Jha, Dist. VP BSNLEU, Com Partha Acharya DS BSNLCMU and Com Nirmal Dey leader AIBDPA Malda spoke on the occasion. The members also contributed their views in the meeting.      

Branch conference of Basirhat held successfully: The jt. Branch conferences of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Basirhat held successfully on 2nd December 2017 at the Telephone exchange Basirhat. After hoisting of red flag and paying tribute to our departed leaders and members the conference inaugurated    by Com. Manik Lal Sarkar OS BSNLEU WB and DS kolkata ssa. Com. Animesh Mitra was present and addressed the conference. Com Mitra in his speach highlited the denands of the ensuing two days strike. Com. Tarak Kundu, ACS BSNLCMU and Goutam Das ,DS BSNLCMU KOLssa also spoke on the occasion. In find Com. Niranjan Sarkar and Apurba Bhandari were elected as the Branch Secretaries of BSNLEU and BSNLCMU Basirhat respectively. <<PHOTOS>>

UPDATED ON 01-12-2017 AT 1830 HRS.

District and Branch Secretaries are Requested to Take All Out Effort to Make the Two Day Strike A Grand Success: Very short time left for the two days strike to be held on 12th & 13th December, 2017. District and Branch Secretaries are requested to contact with their counter part of the constituents of Unions and Associations and chalk out for massive campaign programme amongst all categories of employees in their SSA. Circle leadership are already in tour to attend meetings in different SSAs. Keep a close contact with the Circle Union. Take all out efforts to organize rally, gate meeting, group meeting etc to make the two days strike a grand success.

UPDATED ON 30-11-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

2 Days Strike in BSNL ----- Circle Union has already started tour programme: We are aware that to achieve our Wage Revision and against the decision of formation of Tower Company all Unions & Associations in BSNL have decided to go on 2 days strike throughout the country. Circle Union has already decided to go to the Districts to make widest propaganda for strike amongst the employees of BSNL. Circle Union has already got date for meeting from Raiganj, Malda, Krishnagar, Asansol, Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, Berhampore District Unions. The Circle leaders will attend those meetings. The District Secretaries of rest of the Districts are requested at once to inform Circle Union the date of the meeting in their Districts. 

Circle Union had a Meeting with CGMT, WB circle : Today the Circle Union had a meeting with CGMT, WB circle. Apart from CGMT GM(HR/Admin), PGM(Finance), DGM(HR/Admin) and AGM (HR/Admin) were present in the meeting. The staff side led by Com. Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU, Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. CS, Com. Sujoy Sarkar, Asstt. CS, Com. Nazes Nauroz attended the meeting.  Various issues were discussed in the meeting like (i) Non- convening of development meeting and other meetings of the negotiating forum at circle and at SSA level. (ii) non-convening of HPC meeting for Compassionate Ground Appointment   (iii) Non-settlement of transfer cases (iv) Non-settlement of Personal cases (v) problems pertain to Fund for day to day maintenance (vi) shifting of CGMT office  at CTO building etc.  After prolonged discussion the management replied that the issues will be looked into with all seriousness.

UPDATED ON 29-11-2017 AT 1900 HRS.

Unions And Associations of Berhampore Handed Over Memorandum To Hon'ble MP : In view of the two days strike in BSNL on 12th &13th December, 2017 as decided that memorandum to be handed over to the MPs to raise the issues of BSNL and the demands of the workers in the Parliament floor.  In West Bengal, Berhampore District the leaders of Unions and Associations handed over a memorandum today on 29.11.2017 to Hon'ble MP Com Badruzza Khan of Loksabha. Com. Sekhar Sarkar, Dist Secy., BSNLEU, Com. Gopal Roy, Asstt Dist Secy., BSNLEU and Com. Samsr Das leader NFTE were in the delegation. <click for photo>



PSUs are Under Threat in Modi Regime : Recently the Modi Govt. has decided to sell out 15 wells of petroleum which were under ONGC. It is reported that the Central Govt. has already earmarked 67 oil  fields to hand over to the private company through auction. Already we have got the experience of corruption by the Reliance particularly in the case of KG basin. Similar incident happened in the case of Raphale air craft from which the Ambanies were benefited. It was estimated that the Central Govt. will earn about seventy two thousand corers through disinvestment. In the mean time the Neti Ayog has  prepared a list of 74 of PSUs to either close down or to sell out. The PMO already gave green signal to handover 22 PSU to the Private. Among them the important PSUs are Steel Authority of India (Salem), Durgapur Alloy, Steel Plant (Bhadrabati Steel Plant).  The Cement Corporation, Helicopter Corporation, National Jute Manufacturing, Bharat Wagon and Burn Standard are the important PSU which the Govt is thinking to sell out through strategic partners. Coal India, MMTC, NMDC, National Fertilizer, Bharat Electronics and BHEL are the companies are under the attack of Central Govt. In our state they have taken the decision to close down Bridge and Roof, Bengal Chemicals, Durgapur ASP etc. The Central Govt is very much interested to handover the National Insurance Company to the private like New India Assurance, United India Insurance, Oriental Insurance, National Insurance and the General Insurance. So in a word all the Public Sector is under the attack of Central Government under the leadership of Narendra Modi.


UPDATED ON 28-11-2017 AT 1730 HRS.

Pending Medical bills at Circle Office---Discussion in Circle Council: Circle Union has raised the issue regarding settlement of pending bills in the last Circle Council meeting. Circle Union demanded immediate settlement of Medical bills and Empanelment of suitable Nursing Home in Kolkata. The management informed the house that all pending bills received upto 31st July, 2017 will be settled within October'17. So far the empanelment of Nursing Home is concerned the Management assured to look into matter to do the needful. District Secretaries are therefore requested to take up the issue with the local Management seriously so that no medical bill of the SSA remain pending at Circle Office. The Management also supplied a status regarding pending medical bills up to 31/08/2017 in the council meeting which is given below

 A) Working Employees: Pending Outdoor Bills--434, Indoor Bills--107, Total--541:::::::: B) Retired Employees: Pending Outdoor Bills--865, Indoor Bills--109, Total--974            

Branch conference of Burdwan and Tiretta Bazar, ETR held successfully: On 26th November, 2017 the two branch conferences were held at Guskara Telephone Exchange, Burdwan and T. Bazar, Kolkata. A brief report of the conferences are  given below;

The Joint Branch Conference of BSNLEU Burdwan and District conference of BSNLCMU Burdwan was started at Guskara T. Exchange with the hoisting of Red Flag of the Union. After garlanding the martyrs column and Cultural Programme the conference was inaugurated by Com Nazes Nauroz President BSNLEU WB Circle. Com Akhilesh Banerjee, ACS BSNLCMU also spoke on the occasion. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB was also present in the conference and deliberated his valuable speech to the delegates. Com Mitra emphasized the background of ensuing strike and called upon all the employees to participate actively in the struggle for our just demands. Com Surajit Datta, Dist. Secretary, Burdwan spoke on the occasion. In fine Com Yusuf Khondakar, Badre Alam and Sk. Sultan Ahmed were elected as Branch President, Secretary and Treasurer of Burdwan Branch and Com Narugopal Karmakar, Sariful Jamal and Bidhan Banerjee were elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer of BSNLCMU Burdwan District. A good number of members of both the unions were present in the conference.

The 8th Branch conference of BSNLEU Teritty bazar branch and 7th Divisional conference of BSNLCMU ETR DIVISION was held on 26th November at Terity bazar Telephone Kendra. Com Sunil Nayak presided over the conference. Com Sujoy Sarkar Asstt Circle Secretary inaugurated the conference and told the workers about the duty and responsibility of BSNL employees  in the coming days. He appeals to work more for the betterment of the service and to fight for the next wage revision. Com Tarak Kundu Asstt Circle Secretary CMU narrated  the whole situation of BSNL and the country. The draft report placed by Asis Kumar Das and Sukanta Saha members took participation in the discussion. Com P K Modak, Com Biplab Das, Com Sekhar Das, Com Samir Halder spoke to congratulate the conference. Com Asis Das Divisional Secretary inform the latest developments of wage revision and appeal to make the Strike on 12th and 13th December as a grand success. Com Sunil Nayak, Com Subhash Devnath and Com Bablu Orao elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer of the branch and Com Sukanta Saha, Com Sanjib Paria and Com Sanat Chakraborty were elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer of CMU ETR Division. A large number of members were present in this conference.

                                               <<Click for the Photos of the two conference>>


"Work on seat, fight on street"-----Asansol creates an example: Since last couple of months the members of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Asansol Districts are working relentlessly in the streets of entire Asansol division to give maximum BSNL connections to the customers. Almost everyday the employees use to build camps and sale BSNL products. This is undoubtedly a noble effort taken by our comrades of Asansol. Circle Union feels that similar efforts should be taken by all the SSAs to make our BSNL service turn around in the Circle. Earlier these kind of programme have taken place in Howrah-Hooghly(Kol SSA), Jalpaiguri (Tele Adalat) etc. by which the subscribers were satisfied with our service. Comrades the 7th  Circle Conference of BSNLEU at Kolkata have taken oath that we may not sufficient weapon but will try to keep our head high. So let us take all possible effort for the betterment of service along with our struggle for the just demands. <<Click>>

UPDATED ON 27-11-2017 AT 1830 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circular 13: <<Click>>

State Level meeting of the Unions & Associations held to chalk out future programme: On 25th November, 2017 a State level meeting of the leaders of the Unions and Associations of BSNL was held at Telephone Bhawan Kolkata. At the outset Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB and Convener greeted all the constituent partners for their immense support to make the 'Convention' on 22nd November, 2017 and "Human Chain programme on 23rd November a grand success. The meeting heartily welcomes the leaders of TEU BSNL in the platform of "Unions & Associations of BSNL", West Bengal. After consultation with the leaders  of NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIBSNLOA, SNATTA, SEWA, AIGETOA, TEU, FNTO, BSNLMS and BSNLEU the following decisions have been taken to make the 2 Days strike a grand success in West Bengal.

a) Efforts will be taken to organise Area/SSA wise campaign programme under the banner of All Unions & Associations of BSNL, , b) Poster will be published under the banner of Unions & Associations of BSNL, c) Rally will be organised on 8th December, 2017, d) common Banner, Posters and Flex will be published in the name of Unions & Associations of BSNL, e) a leaflet will be published to make a good campaign of the "Strike Programme" etc (before publications a write up will be circulated to the leaders of the Unions), f) Unions & Associations of BSNL will continue to include all other unions who has not joined so far in the strike programme, g) next meeting of the forum will be held on 7th December, 2017 at 3 P. M.

The leaders of the Unions & Associations of the 4 Circles of West Bengal were present in the meeting. Com Omprakash Singh, CS BSNLEU TF, Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU WB were present in the meeting. Com Sisir Roy, CS  BSNLEU CTD presided over the meeting. <<Click for Photos>>


UPDATED ON 25-11-2017 AT 1145 HRS.

Photos of the Blood Donation and Convention on the eve of Centenary Celebration of Great November Revolution at CTO Kolkata by BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Civil Wing District yesterday:  <<Click for Photos>>

UPDATED ON 24-11-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

Centenary of Great October Revolution was Celebrated By BSNLCMU, Electrical Wing through Blood Donation Camp and effective Seminar : Today a Blood Donation Camp was organized by BSNLCMU, Electrical Wing to celebrate the centenary of Great October, Revolution. Before inauguration of  blood donation camp Red flag of the Union was hoisted by the District President Com. Nazes Naouroz and the martyrs column was garlanded by the leaders. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, WB circle inaugurated the blood donation camp. Total 45 donors including one lady comrade donated blood. Later an effective seminar on October Revolution was held at TI hall, CTO, building which started with a Cultural programme. Com. Animesh Mitra was the main speaker. He narrated in brief the relevancy of observing the great October revolution. The both blood donation camp and the seminar created much enthusiasm amongst the workers before the two days strike in BSNL on 12th &13th  December, 2017.      

UPDATED ON 23-11-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

BSNL Employees are on the Streets------Marvelous participation in "Human Chain" programme: The BSNL executives and non executives throughout the Circle have participated in huge number to make the Human Chain programme a grand success. In all the District headquarters the employees raised their voice i) against the decision of the Central Government to form a Subsidiary Tower Company with thousands of BSNL Towers and demanding ii) immediate settlement of Wage Revision for all the Executives and Non executives of BSNL. In Kolkata the busy Dalhousie Square was collapsed with the slogans of BSNL employees. Similar news came from the District Unions of Asansol, Coochbehar, Jalpaiguri, Durgapur, Burdwan, Suri, Krishnagar, Kharagpur, Bankura, Siliguri. <<Photos>>     


UPDATED ON 22-11-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

Very Enthusiastic State Level Convention at Kolkata : A state level convention of All Unions and Associations in BSNL was held at TI hall, CTO building at Kolkata. Ten Unions and Associations participated in the convention. A good number of members of BSNLEU, NFTE(BSNL), SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, SNATTA, SEWA, BSNLMS, AIGETOA and AIBSNLOA were present in the convention. A full house convention has created much enthusiasm amongst the employees to achieve their just demand. All the leaders of Unions and Associations expressed their determination to make the two days strike on 12th & 13th December, 2017 a grand success to bow the the Govt. to grant 3rd PRC and refrain them from formation of subsidiary tower company. The speakers in the state level convention were Com. C. Singh, GS, NFTE (BSNL), Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Deputy GS, BSNLEU, Com. Tapas Ghosh, CS, SNEA(WB), Com. Prasun Mukherjee, Org. Secy, AIBSNLEA (CHQ), Com. Aloke Nandy, Deputy GS, FNTO, Com. Ajoy Singh, BSNLMS (CHQ), Com Jitendra Balmiki (SEWA), Com Ashoke Acharjee (AIGETOA), Com Soumya Basak (AIBSNLOA), Com Praveen Kumar (SNATTA). In fine Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB & VP CHQ narrated the ensuing programme in the house. Com. Sisir Roy presided over the meeting. <<Photos>>  


UPDATED ON 21-11-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

Centenary of November Revolution celebrated at Suri District with lot of enthusiasm: The BSNLEU Suri District along with BSNLCMU & AIBDPA celebrated the Centenary of Great November Revolution at TDM Office Suri today. At the outset Com Tinku Biswas, DS Suri & Santosh Goswami, ACS BSNLCMU welcomed the gathering. Thereafter Com Dhananjoy Ganguly, veteran leader of BSNL spoke on the occasion Com Ganguly in his speech narrated the hitory of the mighty revolution and called upon the workers to take lesson from this event to fight the attacks of the Government on the working class in these days. A good number of  Regular, Non regular employees and Pensioners were present on the occasion. Com Sibu Kanti Sen, District President BSNLEU & Madan Mohan Ghosh Leader AIBDPA presided over the meeting. <<Photos>>  

UPDATED ON 20-11-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circular 12: <<Click here>>

A Very Effective and Educative Seminar held on Great October Revolution : As decided in the all India Conference at Chennai that the centenary of Great October Revolution will be celebrated by BSNLEU through out the country. The seminar was held on 18th november, 2017 at Krishnapada memorial hall by the four Circle unions, WB Circle, CTD, Factory and Store circle. The main speakers were Com. P. Abhmanyu, GS, BSNLEU and Com. Tapan Sen, GS, CITU. Both  the leaders reminded the relevancy of October Revolution in today's life. The leaders urged upon the workers to get educated from the Great October Revolution.  << Click for Photos>>

UPDATED ON 17-11-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

CPSTU Convention of WB will be held on 20th November, 2017 at Kolkata: All central PSU in West Bengal state is going to organise one emergent convention in Kolkata at Moulali Yuba Kendra on 20th November, 2017 mat 12 Noon. BSNL being an important wing of Public Sector should attend the convention to strengthen the Coordination Committee of PSU in West Bengal. Today, the PSUs are under attack of the Central Government and State Government. Both the Government are denying to make Wage agreement in most of the PSUs. Disinvestment, VRS, Closure and Sell the PSUs are the main issues on which the workers should attend the convention. District Secretaries in and around Kolkata are therefore requested to attend the programme positively with their members.  <<Click for Leaflet P1>> <<Click for P2>>

District Secretaries to take some necessary steps to make the ensuing programme successful: As it has been decided in the meeting of the "Unions & Associations" of BSNL WB Circle the District Secretaries are requested to take the following necessary steps to organise the "Human Chain" and "2 days Strike" programme successfully a) attend the state level convention at Kolkata on 22nd November, 2017 (if possible), b) contact the allies of the Unions & Association at the District level and organise meeting/convention to make widest propaganda amongst our employees c) prepare flex, leaflet, posters ( apart from those which will be printed at the state level) regarding the demands and issues of BSNL workers to reach the general people    

Gratuity for all Casual Workers------Historic order issued by ALC Siliguri : BSNLEU & BSNLCMU have taken up the issue of Gratuity for the Casual Laborer since long. It was decided that the District Unions should take up the issue with the Labor Commission at the District level particularly for those casual laborers who have retired or left the department after formation of BSNL. In this connection the labor rule is very clear that there is no difference for the Gratuity Payment for regular or casual/ contract workers. Recently the Coochbehar District union has taken up the issue at the Astt. labor commission particularly the case of Sri Jaladhar Barman who  was a casual laborers at Coochbehar Division and retired on April 2016. After examining the detail of the case the Asstt. Labor Commissioner has ordered  TDM Coochbehar to make the Gratuity payment ( An amount of Rs. 1.60 Lakh) to the official. Com. Ashok Biswas, leader BSNLCMU, Jalpaiguri has given special effort to guide the case at labor court properly. Circle union calls upon all Branch and District Secretaries to give attention in similar cases to make the payments at the earliest. <<Click for the ALC Letter>>

UPDATED ON 16-11-2017 AT 1955 HRS.

Decisions of the "Unions & Associations" of West Bengal Circle to make the "Human Chain" & 2 Days Strike successful: Based on the discussions held between the leaders of all the unions and associations (e.g. SNEA, AIBSNLEA, NFTE-BSNL, FNTO, SEWA, SNATTA, AIGETOA & BSNLEU) of West Bengal Circle at Kolkata on two occasions the following decisions were unanimously taken to make the "Human Chain" and 2 Days strike (12/12/2017, 13/12/2017) programme a grand success: a) The Unions & Associations of this Circle will follow all the Guidelines towards successful implementation of the ensuing programme in demand of Wage revision and against Tower Company, b) on behalf of the "Unions & Associations" of West Bengal Circle  all the Unions of West Bengal will be requested to join the programme like "Human Chain" & 2 Days 'Strike', c) Posters and Flex will be printed in the name of "Unions & Associations" of BSNL West Bengal Circle, with the demands, d) State Level meeting of the "Unions & Associations" of West Bengal Circle will be held at Kolkata on 18th November, 2017, e) State Level convention will be held at Kolkata on 22nd November, 2017, f) District wise meeting of the "Unions & Associations" has to be conducted at the earliest opportunity.

The dates of the programme are revised as per the discussions and decisions of All India meeting of the "Unions & Associations" held at New Delhi on 14th November, 2017.     

TCO District celebrates Centenary of Great "November Revolution": The BSNLEU TCO District Union yesterday celebrated the Centenary of "November Revolution". Amidst extreme weather condition in Kolkata, the presence of the members in the programme were spontaneous. At the begining after paying homage to the martyrs, Com Biswanath Singha, DS TCO welcomed the members. Narrating a brief history of "Great November Revolution" of Com Animesh Mitra CS WB Circle called upon the employees to feel the significance of this historic event, to get united and fight against the anti worker and pro corporate policies of the Central Government. Com Gobinda Das, leader AIBDPA, WB, Com Anindya Sarkar, Org. Secy. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU WB also deliberated their speeches. Com Tapan Kr. Bose presided over the meeting. <<Click for Photos>> 

UPDATED ON 14-11-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

Organise Human Chain on 23rd November, 2017 instead of 16th: District/Branch Secretaries to note that the date of the "Human Chain" programme has been changed to 23rd November,17 instead of 16/11/2017. The decision to change the date of the programme was taken in the meeting of All Unions & Associations held at New Delhi today. 

Meeting of  "The Unions & Associations of BSNL", West Bengal Circle held at Kolkata today: On the eve of  "Human Chain" programme on 23/11/2017  followed by 2 Days  strike on 12/12/17 & 13/12/17, the leaders of the Unions & Associations of BSNL WB Circle had an extensive meeting today at Kolkata to organise the two programme effectively. The Circle Secretaries and Leaders of AIBSNLEA, SNEA, SNATTA, SEWA, NUBSNLW(FNTO) and BSNLEU were present in the meeting. Com Animesh Mitra CS BSNLEU WB initiated the discussion. Later all the leaders expressed their views in detail to make the programme successful in our Circle. Though NFTE-BSNL and AIGETOA leaders were not present in the meeting due to some  but consented to follow the decision of the meeting heartily. Com Kalyan Halder (AIBSNLEA) presided over the meeting. The decisions of the meeting uploaded very shortly.  

Transfer case of DR JE--- Circle Union compelled the Management to issue Circular: Due to sustained persuasion of BSNLEU the Circle Management today issued a circular in which the head of the SSAs were asked to give the list of pending transfer cases as well as to furnish the requirement of JEs in the SSAs. During last couple of months Circle Union continuously pressurized the Management to take some necessary steps in this regard so that the senior DR JEs who await for transfer may get some relief. District Secretaries are therefore requested to look into the matter and take up the issue with the SSA heads so that the matter can be resolved. <<Circular>>  

UPDATED ON 13-11-2017 AT 1900 HRS.

3 Days 'Dharna' at New Delhi shook the Capital----BSNL Employees of West Bengal participated in numbers: Lakhs of workers, farmers, employees from all parts of the country participated in the 3 days 'Dharna' programme at Parliament Street, New Delhi held from 9th to 11th November, 2017. Around 130 regular and non regular workers (casual/contractual/security guards) joined the programme from the state of West Bengal. The participation of BSNL employees from other states were also remarkable. The 'Dharna' witnessed the fierce determination of the working class to fight the Anti worker's policies and Pro corporate ideas of the Modi Government which results unemployment, disinvestment and roots of all causes of the plight of the working mass. << Click for Photos>>

UPDATED ON 9-11-2017 AT 1300 HRS

Workers From All Over The Country Assembled in Three Days 'DHARNA' Programnme In New Delhi : Dear Comrade, 3 days Dharna programme started today in New Delhi from 10 AM for 12 point charter of demands. It is about 120 comrades from BSNL, West Bengal will take part in the programme. In Kolkata, a central rally has been organised by all the central trade unions at 5PM. BSNL workers are requested to join the programme at Lenin statue.

After Persuasion By BSNL CCWF  On Gratuity Issue For The Casual Labours ---Corporate Office Issued Another Quarry To The Circles : Corporate Office issued another reminder to furnish the number of casual labours who have expired or left the department after formation of BSNL. Though most of the circles where casual labours are recorded in big number, like West Bengal Circle, had sent the figure long days back. But the management is not so serious to settle the issue. They are avoiding the issue with no valid reason. The Govt. rule is very clear that any labour who is in 5 years continuous service in any establishment is eligible to get the benefit of Gratuity. BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation has taken up the issue of Gratuity for the casual and contract labours with the BSNL Management.  BSNL Management has also taken up the issue in the board meeting. BSNL employees union has also taken up the issue in the 35th National Council meeting. The issue may also be taken up in the next NC meeting on 13th of this month. For which the management has asked the circles to furnish the latest information. In the last occasion the leadership met Dir.(HR) and requested her to settle the gratuity issue without further  delay. Hope, this time we will get some new information to settle the gratuity issue. <View Letter>

UPDATED ON 08-11-2017 AT 1900 HRS.

Total Stoppage Of Work In Different SSAs Due To Non-availability Of Funds - Circle Union Reacts Sharply : There is a total stoppage of work in different SSAs have occurred due to the non-availability of funds on repair & maintenance head and  non-payment of wages to the non-regular workers, Security Guards, Non-listed workers etc. The payment of wage is due for more than 3months. Yesterday on 7th November, 2017  Circle Secretary Com. Animesh Mitra along with Asstt. Circle Secretary Com. Sujoy Sarkar met with CGMT and PGM (Finance) and expressed their strong resentment over the non payment of wages to the non-regular workers for a long period. It was reported that two reminders for allotment of fund were sent to the corporate office on 17th October, 2017 and early this month. It was reported that 8 corers of rupees has been requisitioned by the circle administration for payment to the Security Guards, Police escorts and for repair maintenance. CGMT spoke to corporate office, New Delhi and assured that arrangement for payment would be made on priority basis. PGM (Finance) also talked to Sri Y.M. Singh, concerned officer, corporate office for allotting of fund to WB circle.  In course of discussion the leaders pointed out that payment of wages is due for more than 3-4 months in different SSAs. Malda for 6months, Purulia for 3 months and Krishnagar for 3 months. CGMT was informed about the stoppage of work in different SSAs and the same was conveyed to corporate office by CGMT. Beside the resentment  of the leadership, CGMT and PGM (Finance) expressed their disappointment for such attitude of the corporate office.    

A Message From Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, WB Circle :

Dear Comrade yesterday was the 7th November. The historic revolution was held in Russia on this day. This gave us the new country, the Soviet Union, the first socialist county in the world. We are observing the 100 years celebration of the Soviet revolution with proper importance and respect during the last one year. Our circle union has given a call for observing the closing ceremony of the programme in a befitting manner with the involvement of grass root workers of BSNL. District and Branch secretaries are requested to take specific  programme  on this subject  from 7th to 17th November, 2017. Keep in touch with the circle union and finalize the programme. We will help you. Pl keep it mind that we should not avoid in holding this programme on any plea. Be serious and act accordingly. On 18th November, 2017 there will be a closing ceremony in Kolkata where Com.Tapan Sen, General Secretary CITU and Com. P. Abhmanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU  will speak in this programme.     Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU,  West Bengal Circle.

To Overcome the Crisis of Fund for Payment of Wage to the Non-regular Workers- BSNLEU and BSNLCMU Are Very Much Serious On The Issue : Yesterday the leadership of BSNLEU and BSNLCMU circle union under the leadership of Com. Animesh Mitra met with both CGMT and PGM (Finance) and discussed on the issue. They expressed their strong resentment on the issue and urged upon them to procure fund from the corporate office. To-day during the CEC meeting Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU met with Sri Y. M. Singh at corporate office and discussed for release of fund for payment of wage to the non-regular workers of WBTC. He assured Com. Abhimanyu that the fund will be released soon. The leadership clearly informed the administration that if the payment is not made by Friday i.e on 10th November, 2017 then the both the circle union may withdraw all cooperation from the administration. However Com. Animesh Mitra handed over a letter to CGMT in this regard.  <View letter>

UPDATED ON 7-11-2017 AT 1115 HRS.

The Two Day CEC Meeting of BSNLEU Started : The two day CEC meeting of BSNLEU started today at New Delhi. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Assistant Circle Secretary representing West Bengal Circle.

The First Meeting of BSNL Working Women's Coordiantion Committee Ended Successfully : The one day meting of the BSNL Working Women's Coordination Committee held at New Delhi on 5th November, 2017 ended successfully. Com. Banani Chattopadhyay, Vice-President of West Bengal Circle attended the meeting. 

UPDATED ON 06-11-2017 AT 1800 HRS.

Historic Rally of BPMO held on 3rd November, 2017 at Kolkata : A historic rally of BPMO held centrally at Kolkata on 3rd November, 2017 from Rani Rashmoni Avenue to Mahajati Sadan. The programme of 'Padya yatra' of BPMO started on 22nd October, 2017 and culminated at Kolkata on 3rd. The 'Padya Yatra' held in all the district of West Bengal during this period where BSNL employees and pensioners also took part in good numbers. On 3rd November, 2017 the BSNL employees both regular and non-regular along with pensioners assembled in Kolkata at Ganesh Chandra Avenue in large number went with colourful procession with Red flag of our Union and different flex displaying our demands for better service and to save BSNL at C.R. Avenue where it joined the main rally. The rally was a colourful one with Red flags and tabloids which is significant in the recent times. The general public on the street and on the roof and balcony of their house encouraged the participants of the rally. The slogans were shouted all through the rally against the anti worker policies of the Govt., both the Central and the State. Later a short meeting was held at Mahajati Sadan where the leaders appealed for preparation of  sustained struggle. <Photos>

UPDATED ON 02-11-2017 AT 1800 HRS.

Today BSNL Employees were in the Padaya Yatra of BPMO from Madyamgram to Panihati : Today the day before the Rally on Kolkata of BPMO, BSNL Employees took part in the rally from Madhyamgram to Panihati. Comrades assembled at Madhyamgram Chowrasta early in the morning. The rally was lead by Com. Animesh Mitra, Com. Sujoy Sarkar, Com. Madhusudan Saha. A good number of employees assembled in the rally. The rally appealed to Save BSNL Save India. <Photo>  

UPDATED ON 31-10-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

                              << Click for the BPMO Rally at Jalpaiguri, Krishnagar, Ranaghat, Tamluk, Magra & Diamondharbour>>

                                         <<Click here for the Photos of Centenary Celebration of November Revolution at Durgapur>>

                                           << Click here for the Photos of the GB Meeting at Coochbehar, Siliguri & Jalpaiguri>>


Whether North or South Bengal, BSNL Employees participated in all the BPMO Rallies: Right from the very beginning of the State wise rallies of BPMO on 22nd October, 2017, the BSNL Employees and Pensioners have joined in numbers in most of the areas throughout West Bengal. During the last 3 days the rallies were organised at Jalpaiguri, Tamluk, Ranaghat, Magra (Hooghly), Kulpi (South 24 Parganas) and some parts of Kolkata. In all these areas the BSNL employees along with Casual/Contractual Workers/Security Guards and Pensioners took part in good number.

At Jalpaiguri on 28th October,17, Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB , Com. S.C. Roy, DS Jalpaiguri, Com. Prabir Ghosh, leader AIBDPA, Com Ashoke leader BSNLCMU WB led the  BPMO rally where a good number of BSNL employees participated. Later Com Animesh Mitra spoke in a Mass meeting held in the Jalpaiguri town at the call of BPMO Jalpaiguri unit.

On 29th October, 17, around 35 BSNL workers were in the BPMO rally at Tamluk where Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU WB, Amalesh Pradhan, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB Tarak Kundu, ACS, BSNLCMU WB Sanjib Debnath, leader, BSNLCMU Kharagpur, Com Tapas Adak, Br. Secy. Haldia, Com Bhabesh Chakraborty, BS Tamluk and leaders of AIBDPA led the rally. At the beginning a Street meeting was organised by the BPMO leaders at Maniktala, Tamluk where Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS spoke before the gathering.

Another rally took place at Ranaghat (Nadia Dist,) on 29th October, 17. where Com Chiranjib Sen, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB, Com Asoke Banerjee, leader AIBDPA led the proceedings which started at 8.30 A.M. from Ranaghat.

Two rallies are going on today at Magra (Hooghly) and Kulpi (24 Pgs-South) where it is learn that good number of BSNL employees are participating. At Magra Com Animesh Mitra, CS Manik Lal Sarkar, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB are leading the procession of BSNL workers. Com Asis Das, Asstt Circle Secy., Com. Chiranjib Sen and Com. Anindya Sarkar, both Org. Secy. BSNLEU along with other Dist. and Branch leaders of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU are present in the rally which started from Kulpi and will move to Diamondharbour and then to Sarisha (24 Pgs. South)   


UPDATED ON 30-10-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

Circle Secretary had extensive Tour in North Bengal for BPMO programme:Com Animesh Mitra CS in a two days tour programme at North Bengal attended meetings at Jalpaiguri, Coochbehar & Siliguri in between BPMO programme in those areas.  In all the meeting the members and leaders of BSNLCMU & AIBDPA were also present in numbers.

Jalpaiguri--  On 28th October BSNLEU Jalpaiguri Dist. organised a joint meeting where apart from Circle Secretary  Com S.C. Roy, Dist. Secretary, Com Prabir Ghosh, veteran leader of BSNL spoke before the gathering. Com. R. M. Sarkar, presided over the meeting. Com Animesh Mitra, CS narrated in detaile regarding the present scenario of BSNL in this Circle, the present position of Wage Revision, Bonus, problems of the Casual/ Contractual/ Security Guards, the struggle of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU etc. to the employees present in the meeting.

Coochbehar: Com Animesh Mitra, CS attended a packed house at the Telephone Exchange Building, Coochbehar on 29th October, 2017. Com Mitra in his speech before the house appreciated the bravery of Coochbehar comrades to keep the red flag of BSNLEU high in the District amidst number of threats, physical assaults, etc by the SU goons. Com Krishna Mitra, Dist. Secretary, Anju Konar, Dist Treasurer along with other leaders and members of BSNLEU, BSNLCMU & AIBDPA narrated the present position of BSNL service and the problems of the members in the meeting. Com S.C. Roy, DS Jalpaiguri, Com Asoke, leader BSNLCMU WB  also spoke on  the occasion. Com Samarendra Pathak, Dist. President BSNLEU Presided over the meeting.

Siliguri: On 29th October Com Animesh Mitra, CS had an impressive meeting at Siliguri GM office where number of Casual/ Contractual Workers/Security guards attended in numbers. Com Bipul Chakraborty veteran leaders of BSNL, who has conducted the meeting, spoke on the occasion too. Circle Secretary in his speech calls upon the employees to strengthen out unity. He also detailed the present situation of the workers and their problems, particularly the problems of the non regular workers. He also told the steps taken by both BSNLEU & BSNLCMU to solve the problems of the employees of all sections.


Durgapur celebrates Centenary of Great November Revolution: The BSNLEU Durgapur District Union commemorates the Centenary of "Great November Revolution" on 29th October, 2017. Com Dhananjoy Ganguly, Veteran leader of BSNl movements of this state was the Chief speaker on the occasion. Com Ganguly has narrated the history of the struggle of working class before the house and told regarding the necessity to observe the Centenary at the present juncture to the listners. Com Sunil Garai DS BSNLEU welcomed all. Com. Uttam Mazumder presided on the occasion.              

UPDATED ON 28-10-2017 AT 1400 HRS.

Huge participation of BSNL Employees both at Midnapore and Krishnagar: The state wise rally of BPMO, which started on 22nd Ocotober, 2017 has steadily moves towards Kolkata and Siliguri. In all the places throughout the state the BSNL employees and Pensioners have registered their firm presence with the demands of BSNl. The rally which started from Purulia on 22/10/17 has entered at Midnapore town on 27th Ocotber, 2017. Around 25 BSNL regular and Casual/contracutal workers alongwith the Pensioners attended the rally and meeting. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Shyamapada Gord, leaders of BSNLEU, WB, Sanjib Debnath (BSNLCMU) and Anupam Saha (AIBDPA) led the programme.

On 28th October, 2017 morning the rally which passing through Nadia District has started its journey from Krishnagar where more than 50 BSNL employees and pensioners took part. Com Bidhan Pramanik, Prabir Banerjee, Nemai Das alongwith other leaders and member of BSNLEU, BSNLCMU & AIBDPA attended the rally. The participation of women employees were significant at Krishnagar.  


                                                            <<Click for photos of Midnapore & Krishnagar>>


UPDATED ON 27-10-2017 AT 2020 HRS.

Enthusiastic Demonstration Programme held Before the Chamber of GM(HR/Admin) : Today at the call of BSNLEU, WB Circle and BSNLCMU, WB Circle jointly an enthusiastic  demonstration programme held at 1 Council House Street, Kolkata -1 before the chamber of GM(HR/Admin) in demand of (i) Minimum wage 0f Rs 18000/- for casual labourers (ii) Gratuity for all (iii) Payment of wage on the first of the month (iii) Grant of TSM status. Regular and non-regular workers in and around Kolkata assembled in large number before the chamber of GM (HR). A rally was organized before the meeting. Com. Aimesh Mitra, initiated the proceedings. He described in brief that the management is unwilling to give the benefit of minimum wage of Rs 18000/- according to the 7th CPC though in the same concern, BSNL, top raking officers are drawing salary in accordance with the7th CPC. We have discussed the issue in number of occasion but with no effect.  He also said that according to the labour law of India all the workers are entitled to get Gratuity. But this management is not taking initiative to extend this facility. He also said this administration is not implementing the decisions taken in the Circle Council meeting in spite of their assurance. Under this circumstance we have no other alternative but to resort to trade union action. A delegation led by Com. Animesh Mitra met with GM (HR) and raised the above issue including CGA cases. They expressed their extreme resentment over the issues. Later GM(HR) informed that after discussion with CGMT the issue will be resolved as early as possible. Other members of the delegation were Com. Tapas Ghosh, Com. Tarak Kundu, Com. Goutam Das, Com. Santosh Goswami, Com. Sujoy Sarkar and Com. Debashis Khan. Com. Pankaj Saha, Leader BSNLCMU spoke before the gathering. Com. Nazes Nauroz presided over the meeting. <<Photos>>


UPDATED ON 26-10-2017 AT 1945 HRS.


BSNLEU and BSNLCMU are on the struggle path to achieve minimum wage, gratuity etc. : After several meetings and discussion with the management the demand of minimum wage ofRs 18000/-, Gratuity for all, wage on the 1st day of the month etc. have not been implemented with no valid reason. It is a total deprivation towards the poor paid non-regular workers. Therefore the responsible Trade Union has given a call for agitation programme on 27th October., 2017 before the chamber of GM(HR) & GM(Finanace). The district secretaries and organizers of both the unions are requested to mobilize our comrades at 1, Council House street, Kolkata -1 to make the programme a grand success.

Burdwan made 'RED' with Red flags and Festoons during BPMO rally----BSNL employees & Pensioners played a vital role : Today the Burdwan town noticed the huge rally of BPMO with the Red flags and festoons which turned the town a 'Red Lagoon'. The BSNL employees regular and non-regular along with the pensioners are not left behind. They took part in large numbers overcoming all the threats. They carried our Union's Red Flag with flex displaying the demands of the BSNL workers and at the same time an appeal to 'Save BSNL and Save India'. Com Nazes Nauroz, Com. Santosh Goswami and Com. Surajit Dutta led the the rally of the BSNL workers in Burdwan. <Photographs>     


Comrades of Coochbehar and Raiganj set an instance before the BSNL Workers: Overcoming all the threats and attacks, the BSNL employees of Coochbehar and Raiganj took part in large numbers in the BPMO rally held at Coochbehar on 25th October, 2017 and at Raiganj on 26th October, 2017. Comrades of both the places assembled with Red Flags, festoons and flex of demands of BSNL employees. Com. Kirshna Mitra, Com. Anju Konar and Com Pathak (President) led the rally at Coochbehar.  <<Click for Photos>>


UPDATED ON 25-10-2017 AT 1645 HRS.

Yet Another Battle Started from Palasy: Today the BSNL workers (Regular and Non-regular) along with the Pensioners took part in good numbers in the rally of BPMO which held from Palasy, under Nadia District. The workers shook the locality with the slogans "Save BSNL Save India". The rally was led by Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay,  Com. Didhan Pramanik, Com Nemai Das and Prabir Banerjee. <<Click for Photos>>

UPDATED ON 24-10-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

Organise "Signature Campaign" programme effectively & successfully: As decided by the Circle Union and announced in the Convention held on 11th October, 2017 at "Subarna Banik Samaj Hall" the District Secretaries are hereby requested to make the "Signature Campaign" programme a grand success. Circle Union has decided that our leaders and organisers should meet all the employees including officers and highlight the present situation of poor Development, Marketing, Maintenance of BSNL service in WBT Circle, the effort taken by BSNLEU to make the Circle turn around. The signatures are to be collected and send to the Circle Union within 6th November, 2017 so that the signatures could be placed before the CMD BSNL during "March to Delhi" programme.

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Good response of BSNL workers in the BPMO Rally at City Centre, Durgapur : Today at City Centre, Durgapur the rally of BPMO took place where a good number of BSNL workers participated in the rally. A colourful rally with banner and flex was organized by the comrades of BSNLEU of Durgapur. The rally demanded for development of BSNL and to stop selling out the company. The rally was led by Com. Nazes Nouroz, Com. Dhananjoy Ganguly, Com. Akhilesh Banerjee and Com. Pankaj Chatterjee. The BSNL employees have also attended the BPMO meeting and rally at Berhampore Town, Raghunathganj respectively in Murshidabad District.     <Photos>

District Secretaries are once again reminded to take all out effort to participate in the 3day Dharna at New Delhi : As it is decided that BSNL Employees will participate in the 3 day Dharna programme at New Delhi from 9th November to 11th November at the call of all Central Trade unions. Circle Union has already took initiative to mobilize our comrades through our district unions. Accordingly circular was issued by Circle Union and through web site it was informed to our organizers. So far the information received by Circle Union that districts like Asansol, Berhampore, Kolkata, CGMT Office, Burdwan etc. are taking part in the 3 day Dharna programme. Those district unions who have not yet taken any initiative in this regard they are once again reminded to take imitative and purchase train tickets so that they could take part in the dharna programme at New Delhi from 9th to 11th November, 2017. 

UPDATED ON 23-10-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

BSNL Employees are on the Road on the Second day of  BPMO Rally :  Today the 23rd October, 2017, second day of the BPMO rally the BSNL Employees took part in Durgapur, Bankura and at Malda in large numbers. Leaders of BSNLEU, BSNLCMU and AIBDPA along with their members took pat in the today's rally. The BSNL employees raised the voice against the anti workers policy of the Central Government and conspiracy to sell out the state owned Telecom Company the BSNL. The workers significantly  took part in the rally with enthusiasm overcoming  the ongoing atrocities in offices and exchanges of West Bengal Telecom Circle.  Com. Nazes Nauroz, Com. Akhilesh Banerjee, Com Dilip Pal and Com. Shymapada Gord lead the rally of BSNL at Bankura. Com. Subrata Misra, Com. Dhananjoy Ganguly, Com Tapan Ghosh and Com. Pankaj Chatterjee led the rally at Durgapur and Com. Ujjal Ghosh led the rally held at Malda.  <<Click  here for Photos>>


BSNL EMPLOYEES raised their demands in the BPMO rallies: At call of BPMO, the BSNL employees joined in the 'Padayatra" throughout the Circle on the opening day on 22nd Ocotober, 2017. The assemblage of the members of BSNLEU, BSNLCMU & AIBDPA were remarkable. More than 100 employees joined the Rally at Asansol. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB, Nazes Nauroz, President and Subrata Mishra, ACS lead the Padayatra on behalf of the Circle Union along with the leaders and members of BSNLEU CMU & AIBDPA. At Purulia Com Bidyut Goswami Asst Treasurer, BSNLEU WB, Shyamapada Gord, leader BSNLEU, Sachin Deb Barman, Dist Secretary, BSNLEU Purulia were present where around 25 Comrades took part. Com Sujoy sarkar, ACS BSNLEU WB, Santosh Goswami, ACS BSNLCMU WB with more than 60 leaders & comrades present in the rally. At Farakka, Com Bidhan pramanik, ACS & Ujjal Ghosh Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB, Gopal Roy, ADS Berhampore lead the rally with more than 30 BSNL workers. Katwa 'Padayatra' started at 3 P.M. and Com Prabir Das, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB, Maloy Biswas, Br. Secy. BSNLEU Katwa took part in the BPMo rally with their members. Everywhere the BSNL Employees raised their voice i) against  Disinvestment of BSNL, ii) against formation of Tower Company which weakens BSNL, iii) against threats physical assault, threats in the BSNL Office/exchange, iv) "equal pay for equal work" for the non regulars, v) minimyum wage of Rs. 18,000/- for the casual/contract and security guards, vi) revision of wage and pension etc. through Slogans, Flex etc.  in the  'Padayatra'. Circle Union once again convey Red Salute to those comrades who took part in the rally of BPMO and requests the rest of the District Secretaries to make the programme of BPMO a historic success in their areas. The Programme will continue upto 3rd November with grand assemblage of working mass both at Kolkata and Siliguri.           




UPDATED ON 20-10-2017 AT 1330 HRS.

BSNL Employees of West Bengal Telecom Circle are all Set to participate in the "Pada Yatra" programee of BPMO : As decided that BSNL Employees Union will participate in the programme of BPMO, accordingly the employees of BSNL are taking full preparation with a great enthusiasm to take part in the "Pada Yatra" programme of BPMO which is going to start on 22nd October, 2017. Accordingly our District Secretaries are requested to mobilize the workers and discuss with them about the route of the "Pada Yatra" in their districts. They must ensure that banner and flags of our Union  to be carried by our comrades. Demand posters/flex to be displayed in the "Pada yatra".  They are also requested to keep in touch with the BPMO leaders in this regard. Representative of circle union will be present in this programme in all the districts. The leaders of BSNLEU have to contact with BSNLCMU & AIBDPA counterparts for their participation in the BPMO programme. The progrmme of will take place in the districts as follows - On 22/10/2017 Asansol, Purulia and Suri, On 23/10/2017 Bankura, on 24-25/10/2017 Malda, on 25/10/2017 Krishnagar, on 26/10/2017 Burdwan, on 27/10/2017 Midnapore, on 28/10/2017 Jalpaiguri and Kharagpur, on 29/10/2017 Tamluk on 31/10/2017 Hooghly and Kulpi and on 1/10/2017 Barasat.  

Employees are not getting GPF---Circle Union demands  immediate payment: It is learnt that the employees attached to WBT Circle are not getting their GPF payments since last one month. The Circle Union took up the case with the authority and conveyed the anxiety of the employees towards non payment of GPF for a long time. It is heard that due to problem of DOT Cell the payments could not be made. However Com Animesh Mitra CS BSNLEU WB has already brought the matter to the notice of the administration and demanded immediate payment of GPF for those employees who are awaiting since last once month or more.

BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union organized demonstration to get legitimate demands: As decided earlier in the 'Convention' at Kolkata the BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union throughout the circle organized demonstration programme  on 17th October, 2017 before the chambers of the GM/TDMs to settle their long pending burning demands. The demands of the demonstration are i)  payment of monthly wage on the first day of the month for the casual/contract workers & security guards  ii) minimum wage of Rs. 18,000/- monthly wage for the non regular workers (casual/contract workers & security guards), iii) settlement of Gratuity for all at the earliest etc. The BSNLEU leaders and members were also present in the demonstration to extend solidarity. At Kolkata the programme held before the GM Kolkata SSA where Com Tapas Ghosh, CS BSNLCMU, Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU, Tarak Kundu and Goutam Das both ACS BSNLCMU and other leaders spoke before the gathering. Com Santosh Goswami, ACS BSNLCMU deliberated his speech at GM Office Suri, Com Tapan Ghosh, President, BSNLCMU was in the demonstration programme at Asansol. The programme was also held at Krishnagar where the demonstration handed over a memorandum to the TDM Krishnagar. <<Click for Photos>> 


UPDATED ON 17-10-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

BSNLEU Siliguri met CGM --submitted memorandum for betterment of service in North Bengal: The BSNLEU Siliguri Dist leaders met CGMT WB Circle  during his visit to Siliguri on 16th October, 2017. The CGM called upon the executives of North Bengal and Sikkim at Siliguri to discuss the present scenario of BSNL service in those region. The leaders of Siliguri District highlighted the problems like i) poor service of BSNL in the hills of Darjeeling, ii) non payment of  monthly wages to the casual/contractual/security guards in time iii) problems pertain to Security guards and outsourcing iv) poor Marketing in the entire region etc. with the CGMT WB Mr. Shyam Narain and handed over a memorandum to him. Com Badal Ghosh Dist Secy., BSNLEU Siliguri along with Mukul Seal, Tarun Sarkar and others were present in the delegation.

Malda District Union celebrated Centenary of November Revolution in a befitting manner: The District Union BSNLEU Malda along with BSNLCMU celebrated the Centenary of Great November Revolution on 16th October, 2017. At the begining Com Ujjal Ghosh, Dist Secy. Malda and Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB  welcomed the members of both the Unions. Com Nibedita Jha, Leader BSNLEU gave a short speech. Then Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB, who was the chief speaker, detailed the histrory of the bravery of the workers in the Revolution. He told the house how the workers built a new regime in the "Soviet Union" throughout their blood and toil. Com Mitra also narrated the relevance of celebrating the Centenary of November Revolution nowadays before the workers of BSNL. The programme witnessed huge participation of the employees and workers of Malda.  << Click for Photos>>   

                                                                          << More Photos of the Programme of Unions & Associations in WB Circle>>

UPDATED ON 16-10-2017 AT 1955 HRS.

"Immediate revise Wage, rescind decision to form Tower Company"---- overwhelming response of Employees & Officers in the Demonstration programme: At the call of "The Unions & Associations of BSNL", huge number of employees & officers of WB Circle participated in the Demonstration programme throughout West Bengal & Sikkim today. Almost in every nook and corner of WBT Circle the leaders of BSNLEU, NFTE, FNTO, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, SEWA, AIGETOA described the present scenario of the demands before the members and call upon all to keep unity to achieve the legitimate demands of the BSNL employees & officers. The leaders also detailed why the BSNL employees resist the derogative decision to form subsidiary tower company. The latest news received by the Circle Union that the demonstration programme held effectively at Asansol, Durgapur, Burdwan, Katwa, Krishnagar, Berhampore, Suri, Siliguri, Malda. At Kolkata the programme of was held before the chambers of CGMT WB, CTO Building Kolkata and CGM ETR, Telephone Bhawan, Kolkata. At CTO programme Com Amitava Chattopadhyay ACS BSNLEU, Tapan Biswas, CS NFTE, Aniruddha Bose CS AIBSNLEA, P.K.Roy Leader SNEA, Alipata Sarkar, President SEWA, Manoj Gouda, AIGETOA spoke before the overcrowded gathering. AT ETR Com Asis Das, ACS and other leaders of different unions/associations deliberated their speeches, Niloy Das presided over the demonstration. Com Nazes Nauroz President BSNLEU WB spoke at Civil Wing, Burrabazar building Kolkata, Com Prabir Das, O/S BSNLEU WB spoke at Katwa. <<Click for Photos>>

BSNLEU WB Circle convey greetings to BSNLEU CTD leaders: The three days Circle Conference of BSNLEU CTD held from 12th October to 14th October at Shyamnagar, 24 parganas. Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU inaugurated the conference with his valuable speech. Com Animesh Mitra , VP BSNLEU & CS WB Circle spoke in the conference. A well attended seminar addressed by the CGM CTD and other leaders, Working Women convention was held successfully. The delegates discussed on reports and accounts in fine the conference eleceted Com Prabir Datta, Sisir Roy and Debasish Chakraborty as Circle President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the next Term. BSNLEU WB congratulates the newly elected Circle Office Bearers of CTD Circle.                                                                          



                                                                            VIEWS OF THE DELEGATES PRESENT


UPDATED ON 13-10-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

Demonstration for PLI held effectively in WB Circle: Today, on 13 October, 2017,  the demonstration programme for immediate settlement and payment of PLI,  held throughout West Bengal circle  with enthusiasm. In Kolkata at CTO building the programme was held before the chamber of CGMT WB Circle . A good number of employees from CGMT office, TCO, Kolkata SSA and CTO building gathered in the demonstration programme. Com. Nazes Nouroz, Circle President presided over the meeting. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secretary initiated the proceedings through his initial speech. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary spoke elaborately before the members. He explained how the management is trying to deprive the employees from PLI. He urged upon the members to unite for the greater struggle if the management still deny to give PLI. The other Circle leaders present in the Demonstration programme were Com. Debasish Khan, Banani Chattopadhyay, Sujoy Sarkar, Anindya Sarkar, Manik Lal Sarkar and Chiranjib Sen. Com Subrata Mishra, Asstt. Circle Secy. spoke before the gathering at Asansol, Com. Prabir Das, Org. Secy delivered his speech at Katwa. << Click for Photos>>


November Revolution Centenary celebrated at the call of District Union BSNLEU, Kharagpur experienced huge gathering: On 10th October 2017 the  Centenary celebration of November Revolution organised by the District Union Kharagpur. Com Pijush Chakraborty, veteran leader of BSNL spoke before the massive gathering. Com Chakraborty detailed the history of November Revolution and the relevance of commemorating this significant Historical Event in the present days. He also told the reason of observing this programme in BSNL. All the District & Branch leaders of BSNLEU Kharagpur were present in the meeting with their members. Com. Sushanta Ghosh, Leader of Telecom movement presided over the meeting. << Click for Photos>> 


UPDATED ON 12-10-2017 AT 1955 HRS.

Oraganize Demonstration Programme at SSA Level for immediate Payment of PLI :At the call of BSNLEU(CHQ) a lunch hour demonstration to be held at SSA level throughout the country tomorrow, on 13th October, 2017 for the payment of PLI. Comrades we all know that the department is unwilling to pay the PLI to its employees on the plea of adverse financial position of the Company. We all know that the company has made operational profit for the year 21015-16 and 2016-17. We got PLI for the year 2014-15 since the company made operational profit to the tune of Rs 672 crore. During the financial year in review the company has made operational profit more than the financial year 2104-15. The BSNL management is nothing but trying to deprive its employees from their legitimate demand of PLI. As such District Secretaries are requested to mobilize our members for the demonstration programme before the SSA heads. In Kolkata the demonstration programme will be held before the chamber of CGMT, West Bengal Circle at CTO building on 1PM. All are requested to make the programme a great success.

BSNLEU met  CGM Insp. & QA-----discussed burning issues: Today BSNLEU QA District had a meeting with CGM (Inspection & QA) Mr. B. K. Jog in the office of GM (Ins.-QA) at Salt Lake, Kolkata. The issues raised in the meeting were i) arrangement of 'Fund' for overall maintenance work of QA building to provide proper working condition to the employees ii) arrangement of payments of all bills/allowances including Medical Bills, GPF etc. pertain both to regular/retired employees, iii) problems due to acute shortage of Group 'C' & 'D' employees to dispose day to day work etc. The CGM gave a patient hearing and assured the leaders to look in to issues with all seriousness. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secretary. BSNLEU WB was present in the meeting. The other leaders who present in the meeting were Com Uttam Gope, Dist Secy, BSNLEU, Bijali Ganguly, Dist. President, Smriti Lekha Ghosh, District Vice President, Madan Prasad Shaw, Asstt. Dist. Secy., D.K. Majumder, leader AIBDPA. The GM (Insp.&QA) Sri A.K. Sinha alongwith other officers were also present during the meeting    

UPDATED ON 11-10-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

Enormous gathering in the State Level Convention in Kolkata--- Com P. Abhimanyu detailed the Burning issues:  As decided in the last CWC meeting at Durgapur that a Organizational Convention will be organized at the Circle level, that "Organizational Convention" of BSNLEU, WB Circle held today at 1130 AM at Subarna Banik Samaj hall in presence of our General  Secretary Com. P. Abhimanyu. More than 300 workers attended the convention with great enthusiasm. All the District Unions attached to West Bengal Circle Union attended the convention. Members and leaders of BSNLCMU and AIBDPA also participated in this historical convention. Right from the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim to the  Kakdwip the workers were very much eager to hear their beloved General Secretary. The convention was presided over by Circle President Com Nazes Nauroz who at the beginning of the convention  requested the audience to stand to pay respect to the martyrs. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Assistant Circle Secretary kept a short speech regarding the back drop of holding of the convention and placed a work paper before the house for discussion. An English version was handed over to the General Secretary for his convenience. The main speaker was our GS Com. P. Abhimanyu. He in his speech congratulated the West Bengal Comrades for their gallant fight against all the odds they are facing everybody. He narrated briefly about the fight of the CHQ with the BSNL management at the corporate office in regard to the problems of WBTC.  He described that there is no short cut of getting the 3rd PRC but to fight  unitedly along with all "The unions and associations in BSNL" to snatch the most coveted wage revision defeating the unwilling attitude of the Central Government. He calls upon the workers present in the convention to make the Demonstration programme for PLI on 13th October, 2017 with all seriousness. He called upon the workers of WBTC to work hard to make the circle a viable one. In fine he declared that the CHQ is always with the West Bengal Circle in regard to their struggle. Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary narrated in detail about the situation that is prevailing in the circle,  elaborated about the development and maintenance and the performance of the marketing division of our circle. He urged upon the members to make the programme of 3day Dharna from 9 to 11 at New Delhi. He also said that all the programmes of CHQ to be propagated intensively amongst the employees to make success the struggle ahead of us regarding the 3rd PRC and to stop formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, BSNLCMU, West Bengal Circle, spoke to greet the convention. Com. Subrata Misra, Dist Secy. Asansol& ACS BSNLEU WB, Com. Sachin Deb Burman, Dist. Secy., Purulia, Com. Supriya Sarkar, from Berhampore Dist., Com. S. K. Chanda Roy, Dist. Secy., Jalpaiguri, Com. Krishna Mitra, Dist. Secy., Coochbehar, Com. Tek Prasad, Dist. Secy., Gangtok and Vice President Circle Union, Com. Mani Chettri, Vice President Circle Union, Com. Satya Narayan Mondal from Raiganj Dist., Com. K.R. Jadav, leader AIBDPA Siliguri  spoke before the jam packed house about their experience and kept their suggestions for the development of West Bengal Circle.  <Click for Photos>   

UPDATED ON 10-10-2017 AT 2115 HRS.


Leaders of BSNL Employees Union attended WFTU meeting: Being one of the affiliates of World Federation of Trade Unions the BSNLEU General Secretary Com P. Abhimanyu and Vice President Com. Animesh Mitra are attending the two days meeting of the WFTU held at Kolkata. The two days meeting started at Kolkata on 9th October and will be concluded on 10th October with a Open Session at "University Institute Hall" where Com G. Marvicos General Secretary, WFTU and Com Tapan Sen, Secretary CITU will deliver their valuable speeches. Yesterday Com Hemlatha, president CITU, Com Swadesh Debroy, Leader WFTU deliberated their speeches. The General Secretary BSNLEU Com. P. Abhimanyu, deliberated his speech in the meeting yesterday. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB also spoke in the meeting. We are really proud of the fact that our BSNLEU is participating in the World Platform of the Workers like WFTU.  <Click for Photos>

Asansol commemorated the Centenary of Great November Revolution effectively: As decided by BSNLEU the District Union of Asansol observed the Centenery of November Revolution on 7th October, 2017 at the DGM Office Asansol. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary was the chief speaker on the occasion and narrated how the working class through their struggle constructed the first ever country in the world which belonged to the Workers. He also discussed the present pro corporate and anti worker policies of the Government and called upon everyone to fight for just demands of the working class against any odds unitedly. He briefed the duties and responsibilities of BSNL workers on this occasion. Com Subrata Mishra, DS Asansol welcomed all. The other leaders who spoke on the occasion were Com Sutapa Roy, ADS Asansol, Com. Subhas Bose, leader BSNLEU Asansol, Com Mridul Kanti Chatterjee, Leader AIBDPA Asansol. Com. Biswanath Mondal, presided over the convention. The members of BSNLCMU & AIBDPA also attended the Convention. <Click for Photos>  

Branch Conferences of BSNLEU Krishnagar & Purulia held successfully:  The two Branch conferences of BSNLEU Krishnagar and Purulia held on 8th October, 2017.

The Branch Conference of Purulia was held in the Telephone Exchange which was inaugurated by Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary WB.  Com Mitra detailed the present situation and called upon the workers to get united and fight against the exploitation of any kind. He also told the conference regarding Wage Revision Bonus and the ensuing programme to the members.  Com Narsingh Paswan, leader BSNLEU Purulia also spoke in the conference. Com Sachin Deb Barman, Presided over the conference. Draft report & Accounts were placed and discussed. At the end Com Hari Roy, Sunil Patra and Sheeprasad Roy elected as Branch President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The Branch Conference of Krishnagar was held in the TRC hall of Krishnagar Telephone exchange. After hoisting of Red Flag by the President of the Branch Union Com Jugalkishore Goswami. Later Martyrs column were garlanded. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU WB inaugurated the conference and detailed the present scenario of BSNL and the demands of the employees including Wage Revision, Bonus etc. Com Chattopadhyay also requested the conference to attend the BPMO programme, New Delhi programme from 9 to 11 November, 2017. Com Asoke Banerjee, Leader AIBDPA and Nemai Das, DS BSNLCMU greeted the conference. Com Biswanath Kar, placed the draft report and accounts was also placed. After detailed discussion of the delegates the house in fine elected Com Harashit Byapari, Biswanath Kar and Basudev Sarkar as Branch President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next term. Com Prabir Banerjee, DS Krishnagar spoke in the conference. Com J.Goswami and H Byapari presided over the conference.

                                                                     <Click for the Photos of the two conferences>    

UPDATED ON 06-10-2017 AT 1130 HRS.

Circle Union met CGMT--discussed some important issues: The leaders of the Circle Union yesterday met with Sri Shyam Narayan, CGMT WB Circle to discuss some relevant and important issues. i) At the outset Circle Secretary Com Animesh Mitra expressed satisfaction to the Authority for taking necessary action to provide almost uninterrupted service of BSNL throughout the Circle during "Durga Puja" & 'Muharram'. He also told that it is for the tireless effort of the employees at all level for which the administration could provide steady service to the customers. ii) The leaders conveyed their thanks to the authority for arranging  "BSNL Service" within the "Metro Rail", Kolkata, which was a long pending demand of the customers. Circle Secretary requested CGM to give special attention to the service of  the hills of Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kurseong and Mirik which was affected due to some unavoidable unrest since last three months. He also requested the authority to visit the hills of Darjeeling and adjacent areas as soon as possible. iii) Regarding marketing of BSNL WB Circle the Circle Union gave some proposal to the Administration. iv) The issues of unrest within the BSNL Office/Exchanges of WB Circle were also discussed at length. The CGMT had a patient hearing and assured the leaders to resolved the issues accordingly. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Sujoy Sarkar, both Asst Circle Secys and Com. Debashis Khan, Banani Chattopadhyay, both Vice Presidents of BSNLEU WB were also present in the delegation.   

UPDATED ON 04-10-2017 AT 1950 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circular No. 10: <Click>

UPDATED ON 03-10-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circular No. 09: <Click>

Corporate Office not yet decided to pay Bonus--- workers are not satisfied with the excuse of CMD, BSNL : Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, along with other all India leaders raised the demand of PLI/Bonus in writing and also in a meeting before CMD, BSNL. The BSNLEU , WB circle raised the demand for bonus in the early month of August through letter to the CGMT, WB Circle, since the festival season starts in our state through "Durga Puja". Accordingly CGMT conveyed the sentiment of the workers at the corporate office. GS demanded bonus for the year 2015-16 and 2016-17 since in two financial years BSNL has got the operational profit. In reply CMD, BSNL replied that since BSNL has to pay salary after taking overdraft from the bank for the month of July, 2017 so it is not feasible to pay bonus to the employees.  The logic of CMD is too week to convince the workers. BSNL has to take over draft for the payment of Salary as during the implementation of GST BSNL has not issued any 'Bill' to the subscribers in the month of July. It is mysterious to us why no bills has sent to our customers. As a result we could not earn any revenue. The salary of the employees are being paid from earnings of the concerned month. It is our question whether the private operator did same thing after implementation of GST when the entire country is reeling on the introduction of GST. It is for reference that in FY 2014-15 the operational profit was Rs. 672 corers, 2015-16 it was Rs. 3854 corers and on 2016-17 it is about Rs. 4100 corers. It is to be noted that on profit of Rs. 672 corers  if the employees could get Rs 3000/-  then for other two financial years why the employees will not get bonus. In the last year we got Bonus in the month of October. "It is better late than never", the employees want bonus before 'Dewali'.

Bankura District had a excellent 'Seminar' to celebrate Centenary of Great November Revolution: On 24th September, 2017 the BSNLEU Bankura District Union organized a very effective 'Seminar' to celebrate Centenary of the Great November Revolution. Com Dhananjoy Ganguly, veteran Trade Union leader inaugurated the programme and detailed how the 'Revolution' took place and the role of the working class towards the success of the formation of a new era which shook the world. Com Najes Nauroz, President BSNLEU WB Susanta Ghosh, President AIBDPA WB also shared their views on the occasion. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU WB was also present in the 'Seminar' and detailed why being a BSNL worker it is necessesary to celebrate the Centenary of November Revolution. Com. Dilip Pal, District Secretary BSNLEU Bankura welcomed all. The members were present in good number on the occasion and Comrade Dharmadas Mandi, presided over the 'Seminar'. <Photos>   


UPDATED ON 25-09-2017 AT 1715 HRS.

Overcrowded convention of Casual/Contract Workers took oath to fight for their demands: At the call of BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union, WB Circle and Calcutta Telephones Thika Mazdoor Union a overcrowded convention was held today at "Subarna Banik Samaj" Hall Kolkata. In spite of "Durga Puja" festival the casual/contract workers have assembled in the convention from Kolkata and the remotest part of Krishnagar, Suri, Asansol, Burdwan, Howrah, Hooghly, North & South 24 Parganas. The chief speaker of the convention was Com Anadi Sahu, State Secretary CITU. Com Sahu in his speech highlighted the issues of the anti worker and pro corporate policies of the Central Government for which the entire working class of this country is being exploited bitterly. He told that only unity of the working class can counter this situation and it is the task of the convention to make widest campaign to rouse the workers for the ensuing struggle. Com Animesh Mitra, Secretary General BSNLCCWF in his deliberation told regarding the ongoing fight of the casual/contractual workers, attack on the left trade union movement in West Bengal. Com Mitra also described the demands of the convention like "equal pay for equal work", minimum Rs. 18,000/- wages  and gratuity for all casual/contract workers, extension of facilities like TSM status and regularisation for the casual/contract labourers. Com Tapas Kr. Ghosh, Working President BSNLCCWF, Com Omprakash Singh, Circle Secretary, Telecom factory and Com. Arup Sarkar, Circle Secretary, CTTMU spoke on the occasion. Com Saibal Sengupta, CS BSNLEU CTD Circle and Com Nazes Nauroz, President BSNLEU WB Circle jointly presided over the convention. <<Click for Photos>>   

Efforts towards settlement of Wage Revision started again in a new dimension: On the issue of wage revision BSNLEU is perusing with the management and at the same time agitational programmes were organised in different times along with other unions and Associations. The leaders tried to convince the management that the "Affordability Clause" is not applicable to BSNL since the employees are not responsible for the loss and it is only for the wrong policies of the Central Govt. which led BSNL to face loss. In the recent days it is observed that BSNL has turned around and the "Operational Profit" of the the Company has reached more than Rs 4100/- Crore in the last Financial year. The employees have now made operational profit and it became possible with the blood and toil of the entire BSNL employees whether Regular or Casual/Contract in nature. But still the attitude of DOT is not in favour of BSNL employees for wage revision. The Unions and Associations of BSNL jointly went on one day strike on 27th July, 2017 against the negative attitude of the Central Govt. towards settlement of Wage Revision of BSNL employees. It is only for the decision taken by the cabinet not to give approval of 3rd PRC in BSNL, the resented workers compelled to go on strike. The response in the strike was overwhelming which build up pressure on the Management. After the strike our General Secretary and other Union leaders met CMD & Director (HR) and requested them to proceed again to overcome the frustration of the employees. Now the situation has changed a bit. It is learnt that the BSNL management committee has decided to  recommend for wage revision for their employees with 15% fitment benefit. On this point we have to be very much careful that we should not be complacent  that the wage revision is knocking at the door. On 26th September, 2017  leaders of the Unions and Associations of BSNL are going to meet on the issue  and will discuss the latest position on wage revision. However, at last that the ball of wage revision has started rolling.      

UPDATED ON 23-09-2017 AT 1415 HRS.

Organize strong "Protest Demonstration" on 25th September against the brutal attack on Dist. Secretary Kolkata SSA: The District Secretary Kolkata SSA Com Manik Lal Sarkar was attacked physically by the leaders and followers of BSNL Staff Union on 20th September, 2017. The attack took place within the District Union Room of BSNLEU Kolkata SSA. At about 1430 hrs. on 20/09/2017 when Com Sarkar was busy in a discussion with his members in the Union Room then the SU activists came on the spot and asked him to close the Union Room but when Com Sarkar denied to close the Union Room, suddenly they jumped on him and physically assaulted Com Sarkar with filthy languages. The entire District Union leaders and members who were present at that time within the office at once went to GM Kolkata and lodged a written complain regarding the incident and demanded exemplary punishment of the accused. The Circle Union also brought the matter to the notice of the CGMT and GM (HR) regarding the incident. Now the Circle Union decides that Protest Demonstration progrmme on 25th September, 2017 against this brutality. It should be organized in every SSAs throughout the Circle. District & Branch Secretaries are therefore requested to take utmost effort to narrate the atrocities going on in the Office/Exchanges and condemn this heinous acts vehemently. 

UPDATED ON 22-09-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

Regular Employees, Casual/Contract Workers as well Pensioners donated for restoration of BTS in Purulia: The BTSs are out of order for a long period at Purulia due to paucity of fund. The management totally reluctant on the issue. As a result the subscribers are being harassed a lot to get proper & smooth mobile service. District union time and again brought the issue before the management. But with no result. The district union set an instance then after. The regular employees, casual/contractual workers along with the pensioners repaired the defective BTS with their own expense. Still we will be blamed that Gr. 'C' & 'D'employees have no work culture.    

Kalna Exchange electrocuted and out of order----Branch Union demonstrates for early restoration: Kalna Telephone exchange has been out of order due to lightning since 11.09.2017. The management is in deep sleep. They have no responsibility towards the restoration of BTS, BSC, Land line, lease circuit etc. which were out of order since 11th September. As a result the esteemed subscribers were facing a great trouble. Today BSNLEU Kalna Br. went on struggle for restoration of the exchange. Ultimately the management was compelled to rush from Katwa to Kalna for restoration of the exchange. It is once again proved that  the employees have to organize Trade Union action to provide smooth service to our customers.


UPDATED ON 21-09-2017 AT 1800 HRS.

Circle Council decides to settle pending Medical Bills: To-day the 2nd circle council meeting was held. The cases of medical bills both indoor and outdoor  were discussed in the meeting at length. The staff side complained that a good number of medicals bills of regular as well as the pensioners are lying pending pending at different SSAs including circle office. BSNL Employees Union showed strong resentment over the issue since the administration committed to settle the issue before June, 2017.  However, after prolonged discussion it was decided that the all the pending medical bills both indoor and outdoor will be settled by October, 2017 i.e within the festive session. Therefore, all the district secretaries are requested to take up the cases of medicals bills and do the needful to settle the same with the concerned IFAs.   

CGM had a phone call at the corporate office for  payment of wages to the Casual/Contract/Security Guard workers before 'Puja': BSNL Employees Union raised demand in Circle Council meeting held on 21st September, 2017 for payment of wages to the casual/contractual and security guards before 'Puja'. The leaders of BSNLEU urged upon the CGM to ensure payment of wage of the casual/contractual/security guards before the festival session. Accordingly CGMT had a phone call at the corporate office and requested for payment of the wage to the non-regular employees before 'Puja".   

UPDATED ON 20-09-2017 AT 1930 HRS.


TRAI going to abolish 'IUC'!!!--"For Whom the Concession Goes"??? It is learnt that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has decided to reduce IUC (Interconnection Usage Charges) from October, 2017. The TRAI has also decided to abolish IUC  for Domestic call from the year 2020. At present one Tele Service provider use to get 14Paise  per call as IUC from the other. BSNL also gets a lump on this account. TRAI has decided to reduce the IUC from 14Paise to 6Paise from 01-10-2017. As a result like other Tele companies BSNL will suffer loss of Revenue. The only beneficiary of the decision of TRAI will be none other than "Reliance Jio" who came in the market very recently. As Jio is quite new in the Indian market and the company is providing unlimited voice calls with a minimum recharge therefore they are paying a good amount as IUC to other service providers. The Reliance Jio is pressing hard for the abolition of this IUC. The decision of TRAI is therefore definitely a bonus for "Reliance Jio" depriving BSNL and other Tele Service providers. Earlier all the Telecom Companies of our country including BSNL opposed the issue of reduction/abolition of IUC vehemently before TRAI. Only Reliance Jio was continuously pressurizing for abolition of IUC. Now from this decision of TRAI it is once again established that the Modi Government is sponsoring 'Jio' openly. 

Circle Secretary met Director Finance, demanded payment before 'Puja': Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB Circle, yesterday met Director Finance Ms Sujatha Roy at Corporate Office New Delhi and demanded for payment of Salary, Festival Advance and other dues to the employees before 'Puja'. Com Mitra was accompanied by Com Swapan Chakraborty, Dy GS BSNLEU and Com Gokul Borah, Treasurer, BSNLEU. The Director Finance had a patient hearing and assured to look into the matter. As it is learnt also that our GS Com P. Abhimanyu has already issued a leeter in this regard to the Authority at New Delhi. It is informed by the Circle Authority at Kolkata that WB circle has sent a requisition of more than Rs. 2 Crore to CO New Delhi for payment.     

UPDATED ON 19-09-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circle stood beside the employees of the Hills of Darjeeling: The BSNL Employees Union is very much anxious with the present scenario of the Hills of Darjeeling. The Circle Union has already taken a decision to extend all sorts of cooperation to our employees in the hills. Circle Union had also sanctioned a lump for this purpose to do a little for our comrades. Of late it is learnt that the Leaders and organizers of both BSNLEU and BSNLCMU Gangtok District with the help of the Circle Union has distributed  100 Food Packets amongst our Regular Employees and Casual/Contractual workers at 'Satmile' (Kalimpong) and "Kalimpong Telephone Exchange" on 13th September, 2017. The two programme were organized under the leadership of Com Tek Prasad Pradhan, Vice President, BSNLEU WB Circle and District Secretary Gangtok. The  other leaders of  both the Unions who present on the occasion were Com. Shyam Bahadur Gurung, Branch Secretary, Gangtok, Com. Lokraj Chhetri, leader BSNLEU Gangtok, Com. Dalbahadur, District Secretary, BSNLCMU Gangtok, Com. Tara Thapa, Leader BSNLEU Kalimpong, Com Jagannath Chhetri, Branch Secretary, BSNLEU Kalimpong, Com. Sameer Bardewra, leader, BSNLEU Kalimpong, Com N.T. Bhutia, veteran leader of BSNL. The employees had expressed their heartiest thanks to BSNL Employees Union for this effective & necessary effort.     

BSNLEU WB Circular No. 08:  << Click Here>>

UPDATED ON 18-09-2017 AT 1600 HRS.

BSNLEU demands payments of Salary, Festival Advance etc. before 'Puja': As the biggest Festival is very much knocking at the door, the Circle Union has already demanded the authority that the payment of 'Salary' for the month of September, 2017 should be made  on or before 26th September, 2017. Because  due to the festival all the institutions, including Banks will remain close for a long period from 27th September, 2017 to 2nd October, 2017. Therefore the Authority must take such step so that the Salary can be paid on 26th September, 2017. The Circle Union also demanded payment of "Festival Advance" with the salary  for those employees who have applied for festivals like "Biswakarma Puja", "Durga Puja". The Circle Secretary already had a talk with CGM, GM (Finance) in this regard and demanded payment before Puja otherwise the employees will get payment including salary for the month of September, 2017 on the next month i.e. October, 2017.     

UPDATED ON 15-09-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

Employees of WB Circle vehemently opposed decision of Central Government to form new Tower Company through protest demonstration: At the call of the Unions and Associations of executives and non execurtives of BSNL the Protest demonstration programme was held in WB Circle in a befitting manner. The leaders of the unions and associations expressed their strong resentment against the decision of the Modi Government to form a new Tower company which will definitely weaken the present health of BSNL in the country. The speakers called upon the employees to be united to resist these anti worker and pro corporate decision of the Central Government. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Subrata Mishra ACSs BSNLEU WB, Aniruddha Basu, CS AIBSNLEA, Tapas Ghosh, CS SNEA, Nilesh Kumar, Leader AIGETOA WB and other leaders of executives and non executives  spoke in different demonstration programme.  

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UPDATED ON 14-09-2017 AT 1150 HR

Modi Government is not in favour of PSUs as well as BSNL---Organise protest Demonstration, raise your voice on 15th SeptemberThe Union cabinet under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi has given its approval for hiving off mobile tower assests of BSNL in to a separate Subsidiary Tower Company. At this backdrop it is the duty of each  and every executive and non executive employees to stop the formation of this Subsidiary Tower Company. We have already performed one day strike against this decision on 15/12/2016. Comrades now the time has again come to organise "Massive Lunch Hour Demonstration" against the decision. Therefore the District Secretaries are requested to organise this programme on 15th September, 2017  in a befitting manner and describe the derogative, anti worker policies of the Modi Government to weaken BSNL in details to the employees at their own level. District Secretaries are also requested to contact other unions & associations for this programme so that we can jointly raise our voice against this decision like before.   


UPDATED ON 13-09-2017 AT 2005 HRS.

Enormous gathering held at CGMT Office, CTO, Building, Kolkata--- reacts sharply against the Administration: To-day at the call of BSNLEU, WB Circle a joint meeting of BSNLEU, BSNLCMU and AIBDPA, WB Circle held at CGMT office, CTO building, Kolkata in protest of the total administrative lackluster, poor BSNL service, non implementation of 7th CPC pay scale, non payment of Gratuity and irregular wage for the casual/contractual labourers and non payment of medical bills for the retired employees and delay in payment of pensionary benefits. About one thousand regular employees, non-regular workers and pensioners assembled in the meeting. Workers from Asansol, Bankura, Suri, Burdwan, Kharagpur, Purulia, Durgapur, Krishnagar, Berhampore and the District Unions in and around Kolkata thronged heavily in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by a presidium comprising of Com. Nazes Naouroz of BSNLEU, Com. Tapan Ghosh, of BSNLCMU and Com. Dilip Das of AIBDPA. The meeting started with slogan shouting. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Com. Subrata Misra, Com. Sujoy Sarakar, ACSs, BSNLEU, WB, Com. Pijush Chakraborty, CS, AIBDPA, Com. Tapas Ghosh, CS, BSNLCMU and Com. Tarak Kundu, ACS, BSNLCMU, WB addressed the huge gathering. The main speaker was Com. Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU, WB. Com. Mitra in his speech narrated briefly about the exploitation of the Casual/Contractual labourers and how they are being deprived from Gratuity and non implementation of 7th CPC. He also explained how the Central Govt. is trying to sell out BSNL through formation of subsidiary Tower Company. He emphasized on the struggle ahead of us to achieve wage revision and how the retired persons are denied of Medical reimbursement on the plea of ERP. He urged upon the workers to be united and fight out the evil forces that are prevailing in offices/exchanges of BSNL, WB circle. Later a delegation met CGMT and handed over a memorandum where the leaders gave ultimatum to CGMT to resolve the burning problems of the employees of all categories and the pensioners without farther delay.   

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UPDATED ON 12-09-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

BSNL WB Circle is totally out of Administrative control----BSNLEU reacts sharply: At the call of the 3 Circle Unions a strong protest demonstration programme was organised before the chambers of GM (HR) & GM (Finance) today. The demand of the demonstration were against the administrative reluctance towards i) Development/Maintenance of BSNL service in the Circle ii) poor marketing, iii) settlement of burning problems of the Regular, Casual/Contractual/Security guard workers and Pensioners, iv) immediate steps towards restoration of normal working environment in Office/Exchanges in the Circle. Members of the District Unions of Kolkata have participated in the programme. The programme started with a rally of the employees with slogans of demands. The demonstration started before the chamber of GM (Finance) where Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB initiated the programme and described the necessities of today's demonstration struggle. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS, elaborately described the reluctant attitude of the Authority to settle the problems of service as well as non settlement of the problems of the employees throughout the Circle before the demonstration. After discussions with GM (Fin) the demonstration took place before the chamber of GM (HR) where Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU and Com Tapas Kr. Ghosh, ACS BSNLCMU WB addressed before the gathering. A delegation then met GM (HR) where the burning HR issues of the Circle were discussed. Com Animesh Mitra, CS, Nazes Nauroz, President, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asis Das, Sujoy Sarkar, ACSs of BSNLEU WB and Com Tapas Kr. Ghosh, CS, Goutam Das, ACS BSNLCMU WB took part in the discussions with GM (Finance) & GM (HR). Tomorrow "March to CGMT Office" programe will be held at CTO Kolkata. <Click Here for Photos> 



UPDATED ON 11-09-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

Overwhelming response of workers in the District Conference of Suri: The 8th District Conference of BSNLEU Suri was held amidst huge response of more than 100 employees at Sainthia Telephone Exchange on 10th September, 2017. The Red Flag of the Union was hoisted by Com Tinku Biswas, President Suri District. The Martyrs werre paid Floral tributes by the leaders of the BSNLEU, BSNLCMU & AIBDPA. After Cultural Programme the District Conference was inaugurated in the "Mukul Datta Nagar" and "Kali-Dulal Mancha" by Com Nazes Nauroz, President, BSNLEU WB Circle. Com Nauroz in his speech described the present scenario of BSNL and the problems of the employees as a whole. He requested every one to keep unity and  organise struggle for settlement of the demands. Com. Santosh Goswami, ACS BSNLCMU WB, Com. Madan Mohan Ghosh, Leader AIBDPA also greeted the conference. Com Nandadulal Mitra, District Secretary and Com Debkanta Das, Treasurer tabled the Draft report and accounts before the delegates. The delegates took active part in the subject committee. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU WB also attended the conference and spoke regarding Wage revision, problems of development/ maintenance in the circle, administrative reluctance of the authority at the highest level to solve the HR issues and the duties/responsibilities of BSNL employees at the present juncture. Com Mitra, requested everybody to fight against the evil forces who are creating disturbances within BSNL Office/Exchanges in this state. In fine the conference unanimously elected Com. Sibu kanti Sen, Tinku Biswas and Badal Ghosh as District President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next term. Circle Union conveys Red Salute to the newly elected District Working Committee members of BSNLEU Suri.  < Click Here for the Photos>


Branch Conference of ETR Telephone Bhawan held in a jubilant mood: The 8th Branch conference of BSNLEU Telephone Bhawan Br. held on 9th September, 2017 at Telephone Bhawan Kolkata. The Red Flag of the Union was hoisted by Com Niloy Das, President. The leaders also paid their homage to the Martyrs. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secy. WB Circle inaugurated the conference. Com Mitra in his deliberation told regarding the present scenario of BSNL , he highlighted the derogatory policies of the Central Govt. which affects the livlihood of the working class in the country as a whole Com Mitra also told the delegates regarding the attacks on Trade Union rights in this State and called upon everyone to consolidate our unity. Com Asish Kr. Das, Br. Secy. T. Bazar Branch, Sukanta Saqha, Dist. Secy. BSNLCMU, ETR and P. K. Modak, Leader AIBDPA also spoke on the occasion. Com Swapan Kr. Dey presented the draft report of activities and Debasish Chakraborty tabled the Accounts in the conference. The Delegates present in the conference had discussed the present situation andexpressed their views in the conference. Com Asis Das, Dist Secy. ETR, in fine gave his speech about the problems of ETR both of Service as well as HR issues. Tdhe house unanimously elected Com Niloy Das, Sekhar Ch. Das and Sukanta Bhattacharya as Branch President, Secretary and Tresurer for the next term.  <Click here>  <More Photos>                                                                                                                 

District & Branch Secretaries to note: You are already aware of the fact that the Circle Union has decided to go on Trade Union action on 12th & 13th September, 2017 against the indifferent attitude of the administration to settle the burning pending cases of the employees and betterment of service of BSNL WBT Circle. The letters regarding the programme has already been handed over to the CGM, GM (HR) & GM (Fin.). In Kolkata on 12th September, 2017, the District/Branch executives attached to the District Unions in and around Kolkata will organise "Hunger strike" along with the Circle Office Bearers (within Kolkata) before the chambers of GM (HR) & GM (Fin). On 13th September, the Circle Union has decided to organise "March to CGMT Office" at 1.00P.M. The District Unions of Kolkata & adjacent areas like Krishnagar, Burdwan, Kharagpur, Suri, Durgapur, Asansol have to join in the programme with their members. District & branch Secretaries in the entire Circle are hereby requested to organise massive Dharna Programme in front of the chamber of GM/TDM/TDEs on 12th & 13th September. The programme should be organised jointly with BSNLCMU & AIBDPA in the Districts also. In Kolkata the BSNLCMU & AIBDPA will join the programme. In case of any queries contact Circle Union immediately.

UPDATED ON 08-09-2017 AT 2015 HRS

Massive Demonstration Programme held today throughout West Bengal Telecom Circle at the Call of BSNLCMU, WB : Today at the call of BSNLCMU, WB circle massive demonstration programme organized before the SSA heads demanding "Equal pay for equal work", Timely Payment of Wages, Payment of Social Securities like Gratuity, Implementation of wages as per 7th CPC etc. So far the report came in the circle union that massive gathering of the Casual/Contractual workers throughout the circle was held. The regular employees also came forward to strengthen the struggle of the casual/contractual workers. In Kolkata the demonstration was held before GM, Kolkata SSA. Massive gathering of the workers from in and around Kolkata( under Kolkata District) was held at CTO building. Slogans and rally held before meeting started. Com. Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU, WB, Com. Tapas Kr. Ghosh, CS BSNLCMU WB, Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. CS, BSNLEU, Com Subrata Mishra, ACS BSNLEU WB, Com Prabir Das, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB, Com. Goutam Das, Asstt. CS, BSNLCMU WB, Com. Santosh Goswami, Asstt. CS, BSNLCMU, WB circle spoke before the gathering at different meetings. The speakers in their deliberation strongly demanded the minimum wage of Rs. 18,000/-, payment of Gratuity to the casual and  contractual labourers. They also demanded to ensure that the wage to be paid on the first day of the month. The speakers clearly explained to the workers that the fight will continue with the Red Flag against any exploitation or any atrocities. The workers returned back home with their moral high.       

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UPDATED ON 07-09-2017 AT 1930 HRS

Circle Union demands payment of all the Claims before 'Puja' : A delegation of the Circle Union lead by Circle Secretary, Com. Animesh Mitra met GM (Finance) and discussed about the earliest settlement of the claims of the employees, like Festival Advance, GPF, Medical etc. The leaders brought to the notice of GM (Finance) that some of the employees are not getting their claims in time. The delegation strongly placed their demands before the GM (Finance) that since the great festival of 'Puja' in West Bengal is knocking at the door hence all the claims of the employees to be cleared before 'Puja'. It was reminded that under any circumstance the claims of the employees including wages of the Casual/Contractual/Security Guard workers should not be denied on the plea of " Shortage of Fund". The management should take proper measure to get sufficient amount of fund for the purpose. GM (Finance) in reply told the delegation that all necessary efforts will be taken so that the claims of the employees could be cleared to the employees before 'Puja'. Other leaders in the delegation were Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. CS, Com. Sujoy Sarkar, Asstt. CS, Com. Bidyut Goswami, Asstt. Treasurer BSNLEU WB Circle.   

UPDATED ON 06-09-2017 AT 1905 HRS.

If Authority desires some development must takes place: It is learnt that the Authority at Asansol has taken some positive steps for which the employees irrespective any cadre attends office in time. BSNLEU appreciates this gesture of the administration with the hope that the management will take some action towards the betterment of service in the SSA as well. At Alipurduar also both the Administration and recognized Branch Union BSNLEU have taken a decision to attend office in time and do their best to give satisfactory service to the customers. In the recent past it is observed that the management has able to arrange a good number of Officers in the vacant chairs throughout the Circle. These are all hopeful examples so far the much discussed "Work Culture" is concerned and BSNLEU is very much in support of it. Surprisingly the employees are asking two very relevant questions- i) whether the administration will be careful about the supply of equipment/materials to the employees to keep steady service, ii) what about the scenario of the head office at Kolkata i.e. CGMT Office where no one cares anybody due to the poorest condition of the Administration?

Circle Union decides to go on struggle: To react against the indifferent attitude of the administration to settle the burning pending cases of the employees and betterment of service of BSNL WBT, the Circle Union has decided to go on Trade Union action both on 12th & 13th September, 2017. On 12th September, 2017 there will be protest demonstration before the chamber of GM/TDM/TDEs in the District head quarters. In Kolkata the District/Branch executives will organise &quo